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‘Chicago PD’: Patrick Flueger Has a Very Specific Reason Why This Is His Favorite Scene

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Fans of the One Chicago franchise know that each week brings some intense storylines. These storylines come to our screens, of course, as the members of Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med find themselves in precarious positions on a regular basis. Each character works hard, stepping in as first-responders to save lives all across the Windy City.

Of course, we love every moment of each installment within this One Chicago franchise. But, what about the One Chicago players? Do they have favorite moments or scenes over the years? As it turns out, they most certainly do! And Patrick Flueger, the actor who portrays Adam Ruzek on Chicago PD, was happy to share with us the Chicago PD scene that he is quick to name as his favorite.

Patrick Flueger’s Ruzek Goes All-In During The Actor’s Favorite ‘Chicago PD’ Scene

To relive Chicago PD star Patrick Flueger’s favorite scene in the series so far, fans have to go back to the first time we met his character, Adam Ruzek. In this scene, we see Ruzek for the very first time undergoing a training exercise with the police academy.

“My favorite scene that I’ve ever done is the first scene that I was ever in,” Flueger says.

“It was the first day that I worked on the show,” the Chicago PD star remembers.

Flueger continues on, remembering how his character’s unorthodox approach to the training exercise led to his joining the Chicago P.D. team. The exercise consists of a person pretending to be upset and suicidal while holding a fake gun. It is the job of the officer in training to talk through the issues with this actor, and ultimately get the person to hand over their weapon.

Now, many officers would look at an exercise like this and move straight to an empathetic approach. However, Patrick Flueger’s Adam Ruzek chose a very different approach in this memorable scene.

“I just kick him over in his chair and take the gun from him,” Flueger quips of his character’s unique approach to the training exercise.

Ruzek’s Unusual Approach Impresses The Team

As Flueger’s Adam Ruzek decides that an upfront approach works best in the training situation, he impresses the likes of Elias Koteas’s Alvin Olinsky. After watching Ruzek in action, Olinsky tells Ruzek’s training leader that “well take him.”

“My favorite scene I’ve ever done,” says Flueger.

Patrick Flueger’s One Chicago character, Officer Adam Ruzek, focuses much of his time on the job working in the intelligence field. He is well-known for the on-again, off-again romance he has with Marina Squerciati’s Kim Burgess. Ever since Ruzek blew onto the Chicago PD scene in this memorable moment, he has continued to be a fan-favorite