‘Chicago PD’ Recap: Here’s Everything That Went Down in Season 9’s Penultimate Episode

by Shelby Scott

We knew the Wednesday night penultimate episode of “Chicago PD” Season 9 would be intense. However, after watching the hair-raising episode, we can confirm that’s an understatement. Because so much took place, we’re here to provide Chi-hard fans with a quick recap in case any important “Chicago PD” scenes or exchanges were missed.

As we know, “Chicago PD’s” Intelligence Unit has been pursuing Chicago drug kingpin Javier Escano throughout much of season nine. Additionally, we’ve watched as Sergeant Hank Voight has formed a special relationship with his informant Anna Avalos. Sadly though, things might just have fallen apart Wednesday night.

TVLine reminds us that, with Anna having been undercover for so long, the stresses of the job have been getting to her; “Chicago PD” fans can clearly tell her confidence has been slipping. Voight, however, using his genuine connection to her, aims to bolster her confidence. He promises that, once they bring down Escano, she’ll be able to live a simpler, more enjoyable life.

Anna and Voight’s Relationship Begins to Crumble

Sadly, hopes for a quieter lifestyle are dashed before the episode concludes. When Voight interrogates one of Los Tomidos’ newest recruits, Mateo, he learns just how involved Escano was with Anna’s assault. “Chicago PD” fan-favorite character Hailey Upton urges the sergeant to tell Anna the truth. However, he decides to hold out until the operation has concluded.

Afterward, Voight has a secret meeting with the drug kingpin, where we learn just how deeply connected the sergeant is to this particular “Chicago PD” case. In a shocking reveal, we learn Escano is very much aware of Voight’s prison time, simply throwing it in the character’s face.

Moving forward, we find Anna and Escano inspecting his vehicle for trackers, which the informant finds and removes though she’s wearing a wire the entire time. Later, Anna finds out Voight is aware of the truth behind her assault and becomes angered that he kept the truth from her. She clearly feels betrayed, and, after telling him to go to hell, we see the foundation of their trust beginning to crumble.

Is ‘Chicago PD’ Saying Goodbye to Hailey Upton?

Later in the episode, Voight tries to call off the mission as he realizes Escano has become well aware of their investigation, putting Anna in danger. In leaving Jay Halstead in charge, the sergeant asks his team to make a move on a suspect. As Halstead, Hailey Upton, and Adam Ruzek make their move, an explosion goes off in the parking lot, and we see the character thrown yards from the vehicle.

To our relief, Halstead peels himself up off the pavement, though we can tell he’s definitely hurting. However, in a moment, that seems to fade because, as the detective gets his bearings, we see another “Chicago PD” character flat on the pavement; unmoving.

“Hailey!” Halstead yells, though we can see she’s definitely unconscious; perhaps even dead? We definitely hope that’s not the case. After all, season eight nearly saw the death of another crucial “Chicago PD” character, Kim Burgess. Writers wouldn’t leave us with yet another major cliffhanger, would they? Fortunately, we have one more episode to learn Upton’s, not to mention Anna’s, fate.