‘Chicago PD’ Revisits Emotional Scene With Ruzek and Burgess

by Megan Molseed

It has been a bumpy few years for Chicago PD’s on-again, off-again couple, Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Adam Ruzek (Patrick Flueger). While the relationship between the two has seen some highs as well as some lows during the popular TV drama’s nine seasons on the air, it remains a central part of the PD storyline.

Most recently, Squerciati’s Kim Burgess and Flueger’s Adam Ruzek are facing new challenges, beginning a co-parenting journey as they raise their adopted daughter Makayla; even though the two are still not back together.

Now the One Chicago Twitter page is taking us back to one emotional scene between the two as they discuss their young daughter. A scene that delves a little deeper into the roles each of them plays while raising Makayla.

One Chicago Takes An Emotional Journey Back To A Touching Parenting Moment Between Burgess And Ruzek On Chicago PD

In the emotional clip shared to the One Chicago Twitter page, Chicago PD’s Kim Burgess finds Adam Ruzek once things begin to calm down after a harrowing moment in a past PD episode. It’s been a rollercoaster for the two as they navigate raising Makayla without becoming a couple once again.

“I love her like she’s my kid.” quotes the June 22 One Chicago Tweet. This, of course, is a quote by Ruzek included within the PD clip.

“I killed ya, didn’t I?” asks Squerciati’s Burgess in the clip. “With what I said about Makayla.”

Ruzek doesn’t respond to the question with words. However, he’s open to discussing this as Burgess moves to sit at the table across from the PD officer.

“Let me be clear, okay?” Burgess says to Flueger’s Ruzek.

“I know that you love her,” Burgess adds. “And she loves you, Adam.” These words, however, don’t offer complete comfort to Ruzek as he follows up on Burgess’s statement wondering why Burgess has him in a “standby position.”

“I’m not,” Burgess responds. “I’m trying to protect her.”

“But I’m not leaving,” Ruzek interjects before saying, “I know she’s not mine,” of Makayla.

“But she is,” he adds. “She feels like my kid. I love her like she’s my kid.”

Burgess And Ruzek’s ‘Modern Family’

As the video continues, Ruzek tells his former girlfriend that he can’t feel like he’s going to “lose her.”

“I just can’t do that you know?” he says. Ruzek adds that even though his and Burgess’s relationship is complicated, it doesn’t have to be with Makayla.

“I understand things are complicated between you and me,” Ruzek continues in the throwback clip. “I just need to know that I have a place with her [Makayla] too.”

“Okay,” Burgess responds. “We can do that.”

Burgess adds that the couple was planning to build a family before when they were expecting a baby that they later lost. And now, Burgess tells Ruzek, they can build a similar life with Makayla.

“We were gonna do it before, right?” she says.

“With our baby, this modern family,” Burgess continues. “Let’s do that now with Makayla.”

The happy ending is one that Chicago PD fans remember well. As Ruzek responds with a smile and a soft chuckle telling Burgess that he “would like that very much.”