‘Chicago PD’: What Is the Season 10 Release Date?

by Samantha Whidden

Days after the season nine finale of “Chicago PD,” fans of the hit TV series are now wondering when the tenth season will be premiering. 

According to One Chicago Center, while “Chicago PD” has been renewed by NBC, there hasn’t been an official air date for the 10th season premiere.  However, the media outlet says given the pattern of the previous seasons, the premiere will take place between late September and early October. 

As previously reported, season nine of “Chicago PD” went out with a bang with criminal Javier Escano (played by Jose Zuniga) was finally taken out. However, before his death, Javier revealed to Jason Beghe’s Voight and Jesse Lee Soffer’s Halstead that Anna Avalos (played by Carmela Zumbado) was the one who caused his demise. Avalos, who is the informant that Voight has a soft spot for during the entire ninth season. She is now wanted for murder. 

Later on in the episode, Voight came into contact with Avalos at a gas station and she shot him in the shoulder. Tracy Spiridakos ended up shooting Avalos and she succumbed to her injuries. The former informant was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Jason Beghe Talks Starring on NBC’s ‘Chicago PD’

During an October 2021 interview with The Day, Jason Beghe spoke about starring on NBC’s “Chicago PD.” 

“Ever since I started playing Hank Voight, I’ve found that I’ve killed a lot more people in my personal life,” Beghe shared. “I slapped a guy at 7-Eleven when he gave me the wrong change yesterday. I’m kidding! Honestly, after all this time, it becomes like a close personal relationship. And like any good close relationship, I’m sure we learn from and influence each other.”

The “Chicago PD” star then spoke about his near death experience during a car crash over 20 years ago. “Technically, I did die for a short period of time when I was in the coma. That was definitely an experience that profoundly informed my perception of what life is. Twenty years later, it’s not something I think about very often. But as you bring it up to me, I do believe that I’ve probably permanently changed since then.”

Beghe goes on to share what insights he has gained from playing a law enforcement officer on “Chicago Fire.”

“The most overriding thing would be that I probably used to think of cops as cops. I now am fully and consciously aware that they are each human beings, with full, unique lives and that law enforcement is the job they do. So now whenever I see a cop, I see a person who is a cop, not just a cop.”