‘Chicago PD’ Season 9: Biggest Spoilers Ahead of Next Week’s Finale

by Samantha Whidden

With the ninth season finale of “Chicago PD” set to air next week, here are some of the biggest spoilers of the upcoming episode. 

According to TV Line, in the upcoming “Chicago PD” season finale, viewers are going to watch as the battle against drug kingpin Javier Escano comes to ahead. With Hank Voight (played by Jason Beghe) being deep into the situation with the informant Anna. Cast member LaRoyce Hawkins tells the media outlet that the viewers will see a new side of Voight in the upcoming episode. 

“I think we’re going to see Voight like we haven’t seen him in a while,” the “Chicago PD” star stated. “We’ve seen Voight defend, protect, and invest his energy with the people that he loves. I’m not sure if the unit expected Voight to connect with Anna or this cast as much as he did, so we’ll watch Voight make peculiar choices compared to what we know him to do consistently.”

Patrick John Flueger, who plays Ruzek, said Voight’s handling of the case leaves the rest of the team in limbo. The team also doesn’t know about the connection Voight has with Anna. “Everything that’s going on with [Anna], this father-daughter relationship, that’s between them. We just have to go with what he says, what his orders are [and] what his plan is because he’s the sergeant. He’s our fearless leader, but not so fearless [and] not so sure in these last two episodes.”

‘Chicago PD’ Characters Prepare For Showdown With Drug Kingpin Escano

Meanwhile, Flueger stated that the rest of the “Chicago PD” characters gearing up for the major showdown with Escano. He shared that his character Ruzek, as well as Atwater and Burgess, now have their noses to the ground. They are also ready to do the job. 

“They don’t have the emotional connection with Anna,” Flueger explained. “Their connection to the case is just that this is the longest cast they’ve worked in the nine years we’ve been on the air. This could be a big bust.”

Flueger further explained that the situation is similar to what happened during the Roy investigation. “[Upton and Halstead] navigating that and the parallels to what’s happening now with Voight and Anna – Voight keeps us all in the dark as much as he can.”

Hawkins goes on to add that “Chicago PD” fans can expect a lot to go down. “The action that we’re used to when it comes to these finales. But with an interesting twist on it.”

As previously reported, Jason Beghe spoke about Voight’s growth throughout the series. “You know it’s like, how do you keep it fresh in your own life?” Beghe said. “You know, the character evolves, or he is going to be boring and die. And as I continue to grow, so does he.”