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‘Chicago PD’ Season 9, Episode 20 Recap: Burgess Finally Reveals Major Details About Daniel’s Parents

by Joe Rutland
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It’s been a long road for Burgess when it comes to telling Daniel details about his parents on Chicago PD but it did happen. In Wednesday night’s episode, Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati, finds out more information and shares it with him. She goes and visits the doctor who first did evaluate him.

The story from Daniel was that he came from a loving family. He was never abused before his kidnapping took place. Burgess starts looking at some of Daniel’s drawings while Ruzek puts Makayla to bed. She notices a drawing that features a house with some pink stuff in the attic. Well, that turns out to be insulation and Daniel did talk about “pink dust.” It was determined that someone would get to the victims through the attic.

Ruzek and Burgess Pinpoint Guy Named Jim For Horrible Murders on ‘Chicago PD’

Who might have worked on the construction of this building? This is part of the mystery on Chicago PD that needs solving. It turns out that Ruzek looks up a license plate of a guy who looked suspicious while looking at a newer building. The man’s name is Jim and he had a record for trespassing, among other arrests. It appears that Jim also was a peeping tom and carpenter. So, it fits that he’s the person involved with Daniel’s parents’ deaths.

Voight pushed for more investigations. Everyone did interrogate Jim separately yet he didn’t share details. Daniel did get called into the department for help. The young man could not recognize Jim. Still, he did notice a picture of an inn on the evidence board.

Actress Also Talks About Being A Mother In Real Life, Too

A search team was sent out to look in nearby woods. That was the same place Burgess and Ruzek found an RV based on Daniel’s story. Well, the RV had pictures of young Daniel and that search team found his parent’s remains. Burgess and Ruzek did tell Daniel about his parents. Jim murdered Daniel’s parents. Detectives also showed a video made of a family camping trip. Yes, the young man did come from a loving family. We get more from TVLine.

Squerciati deals with kids on the show as Burgess became a foster mother. In real life, though, she is a mother herself and talks about why Burgess’ job didn’t change. The actress tells Us Weekly that it is just like what she does in everyday life. “I may not be able to hang out with the cast because I’ve gotta go home and tuck somebody in,” Squerciati said. “You do the job the same, I just think you have less time to give people.”