‘Chicago PD’ Star LaRoyce Hawkins Says Fans Are Not Prepared for Season 9 Finale

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago PD’s Season 9 is coming to a close this week. And judging by the most recent installment, it’s going to be one of the most intense episodes yet—so intense that star LaRoyce Hawkins doesn’t think we can handle it.

This year’s Windy City crime has been nothing short of dramatic. When the season opened, Voigt and Upton were embroiled in a self-inflicted cover-up scandal. And it only worked out because Halstead was willing to get a little devious, too. But after he saved the day, the officers only enjoyed a short reprieve (and spur-of-the-moment wedding) before the next crisis struck.

After the midseason hiatus, they were right back in the thick of things when drug lord Javier Escano and his gang made it to their radar. And Voight had to find a way to stop him by any means possible.

Of course, Voight is famous for crossing ethical lines in order to solve crimes. And his hunt for Escano proved to be no different for him. To help capture the kingpin, he enlisted the help of a criminal informant, Anna Avalos. Unfortunately for her, he hasn’t been honest with her about the case or his plans along the way. And doing that has put her life on the line more often than not.

LaRoyce Hawkins Says His On-Screen Boss Is Off his Game During the ‘Chicago PD’ Finale

But Voight is desperate to capture Escano and his cronies. And in the latest episode, he’s showing pure desperation to bring them down. The officer rarely loses his cool, though, so that has his team worried. LaRoyce Hawkin says that element will turn out to be a major issue for everyone during the Chicago PD finale.

“We’re watching Voight be extremely invested in a case and in a C.I. more invested than we’ve seen him in a while”, he told One Chicago Center. “So naturally for us, the stakes are raised because we’re watching our sergeant dig deeper… And now we watch him be a little bit more flustered and probably not as sure of himself as we’re used to.”

With that, Hawkings noted that the episode is going to bring a level of drama that fans can’t possibly fathom. He also shared that the stakes are “extremely high” for everyone involved. And if you watched last week, that goes double for Upton, who has yet to show signs of life after being blasted by an explosion.

The Chicago PD finale airs this Wednesday, May 22, on NBC at 10/9c. But don’t expect to see all the questions answered by the end of the show. As usual, creator Derek Hass loves to keep us hanging on a thread with painfully dramatic cliffhangers.