‘Chicago PD’ Star LaRoyce Hawkins Says He’d ‘Love to See’ Celeste and Atwater Together Again

by Shelby Scott

Action and drama abound in the “One Chicago” series “Chicago PD.” However, plenty of the most dynamic storylines follow the series’ favorite couples. For seasons, we’ve watched Detectives Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton grow closer and closer together; and, finally, they celebrated a small wedding during the season eight finale. As to Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess, their romance is still a struggle several seasons later. However, one character who has repeatedly failed in love is “Chicago PD” actor LaRoyce Hawkin’s character Kevin Atwater. That said, Atwater found a solid relationship earlier this season with a school teacher named Celeste. And though they broke up later in the season, Atwater’s actor LaRoyce Hawkins said he would “love to see” his character and Celeste get back together.

As TVLine reminds us, Atwater reached out to Celeste one final time during the April 22nd episode of “Chicago PD,” entitled, “Fool’s Gold.” And though he left a heartfelt message on the woman’s phone, nothing seemed to come of it as of yet.

Still, Hawkins said, “Atwater definitely needs love, but he’s also not wanting to force anything. You can’t force a vibe.”

He continued, “If it was meant to be, it will be.”

Of his “Chicago PD” character’s relationship with Celeste, LaRoyce Hawkins “said, “If [she] has a hard time understanding behind why he couldn’t be as vulnerable with her as she would like for him to be, he has to take that and keep growing from it.”

That said, LaRoyce Hawkins further shared, “I can’t say whether we’ll see her again. I would love to see her again, but I’m not sure.”

This Was the Major Character That Died During the Season 9 Finale

Love and relationships definitely prevail as one of “Chicago PD’s” leading hooks. However, character deaths are definitely a sinker when it comes to the show’s plot and the season nine finale did see the tragic end of one favorite character.

Fortunately for long-time “Chicago PD” fans, none of our central characters met their end in the final episode. However, after weeks of building their relationship, Hank Voight bid goodbye to his CI Ana Avalos.

The nail-biting season finale saw the investigative team make their final charge to take down drug kingpin Javier Escano. And, with a knife in his gut, the finale does, finally, see his death. However, upon meeting Halstead and Voight, we learn it was actually Ana herself responsible for the character’s demise.

Afterward, Voight’s CI becomes wanted for murder. And in the search for the character, Avalos shoots Voight in the shoulder, the first step to her final breath. After seeing the sergeant get shot, Detective Hailey Upton shoots Ana, and while they work to save her, she ultimately dies.

Now, with his Ana dead, it will be interesting to see whether Voight undergoes a grieving process when season 10 of “Chicago PD” premieres.