‘Chicago PD’ Star Patrick John Fleuger Talks About Relationship Between Ruzek & Burgess

by Taylor Cunningham

The Chicago PD Burzek romance is once again on the rocks, and according to star Patrick John Fleuger, the couple may never find their way to true happiness. But the two will always be connected by the love they share for their adopted daughter.

During this season’s story, the two officers took their on-again-off-again relationship into over-drive. After adopting a little girl named Makayla, they moved into together. And for a couple of episodes, the three were a happy family. But after Makayla was drugged and kidnapped, they fell apart.

The couple shared some major differences in opinions when it came to tracking down their lost daughter. And though they managed to find her before she was harmed, they couldn’t get over their differences. Because of that Ruzek moved out. And since Burgess doesn’t want to confuse Makayla with a father who is in and out of her life, she told Ruzek to keep his distance for a while.

As Flueger told Parade, the relationship took another turn ” a couple of episodes ago [when Ruzek] went over to the house to talk to Burgess.” And Burgess told him that Makayla is doing well without him. Though, he thinks that fans may have missed the point of the conversation.

“I feel like the audience took that harder than Ruzek did. Burgess took some hits for that,” he said. “And I don’t think that’s how he felt about it at all. He felt like she’s looking out for the child.”

Patrick John Fleuger says Ruzek and Burgess Are Putting Makalya First on ‘Chicago PD’

Leaving her house that night, the officer realized that Makayla has become the most important person in his life. And the actor admitted that it’s uncommon for Ruzek to put anyone above himself. Aside from loving Burgess, he’s led a fairly selfish life.

“That’s where he’s coming from,” continued Fluger. “He knows he’s not a perfect human being by any means. Part of the reason that he loves Kim so much is because he looks to her as a compass, as a gauge of he’s gone too far and he’s not gone far enough. But at the end of the day, I really do think that he just puts this child first, which is really new for the guy.”

Moving forward, Patrick John Fleuger doesn’t know that Burzek will ever make it to the alter on Chicago PD. But he is certain that Makayla will always be a uniting force. And as Parade teased, Ruzek will make his ex-lover an offer during the final that will give Burgess and Makayla unending security in life.

“She’s never going to have the last name Ruzek,” the actor admitted. “And he wants to give her something that’s him. He and Kim may or may not work things out. Historically, it sure seems as if they probably won’t, but whether or not it’s true, that’s something that he has in the back of his head.”

Watch the Chicago PD Ruzek and Burgess drama play out next Wednesday at 10/9c during the season finale on NBC.