‘Chicago PD’ Star Patrick John Flueger Hints at the Future of His On-Screen Romance

by Shelby Scott

Throughout nine seasons of Chicago PD, we’ve watched relationship after relationship either soar or sizzle. However, none are as complicated as the relationship between the investigative unit’s officers, Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek. Since Season 2, the characters have been circling each other, their love for each other apparent. Unfortunately, though, their efforts to establish a foundation in their relationship have been unsuccessful. Now, fans are anxiously working to sort out the two characters’ dynamics ahead of Season 10. In the meantime, Adam Ruzek actor Patrick John Flueger is sharing his stance on his character’s relationship with Kim Burgess.

As per One Chicago Center, the PD star was unwilling to share details about the couple ahead of Season 10. However, he did share what Ruzek’s priorities are currently. He also revealed how he pictures his and Burgess’s relationship growing following season 9.

“[Ruzek] offering the house [to Makayla and Burgess], honestly, I don’t think that that had anything to do with them [as a couple] as it had to do with the kid,” the actor explained. Instead, he stated, “[Makayla’s] not ever gonna have his last name. She’s not ever gonna be his, probably at least right now, but maybe he could give some part of his life, some part of himself to her, which is this house that meant so much to him.”

Sadly, Flueger’s statement provided little insight as to his character’s future relationship with Kim Burgess. However, according to the outlet, it does speak to Ruzek’s growth. That said, the characters’ dynamic promises there will be a lot for them to confront when season 10 premieres.

‘Chicago PD’s Star Says ‘Writing’s On the Wall’ for ‘Burzek’

Despite their complicated relationship, the One Chicago star seems certain that Chicago PD fans will, eventually, see the cops come together. In speaking with TV Insider, the Chicago PD star said, “Ruzek’s proposed to [Burgess], I don’t know, 972 times, so I think the writing’s on the wall.”

However, he continued, “I think the guy respects what she’s doing, [and] respects her need to make sure [Makayla] has what’s best for the kid.”

Another point by One Chicago Center is that the best part of the series’ relationships is not the relationship itself. Instead, it’s the long, excruciating build that sets the stage for the partnership’s success. And as we’ve seen previously, Chicago PD writers plan to take their time with Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess.

Nevertheless, fans of the crime drama anxious to see the two characters finally, officially come together will be disappointed to know “Burzek” likely won’t become an official relationship any time soon. As such, we can at least look forward to their growth as individuals alongside each other when season 10 of Chicago PD airs this fall.