‘Chicago PD’ Star Tracy Spiridakos Teases Return to the Show

by Leanne Stahulak

“Chicago PD” star Tracy Spiridakos has returned from her tropical vacation to the Windy City, ready to start filming Season 10 of the procedural.

Earlier this summer, Spiridakos posted several phenomenal vacation updates. She visited Greece in early June, sharing gorgeous photos of the rolling landscape and blue ocean waters. More recently, she spent time with a friend in another tropical landscape, with sandy beaches and pools and drinks.

But now, in the “Chicago PD” star’s latest post, it looks like she’s back in the Midwest and ready for filming. Spiridakos posted some fluffy cloud photos from her plane, showing her in transit to the set. “Chicago I’m coming for you…” Spiridakos captioned the post.

Spiridakos returns as Detective Hailey Upton on “Chicago PD,” a series regular from Season 5. We’ve seen the character grow quite a bit over the last few seasons, but hopefully, she carries the lessons she learned recently into Season 10.

‘Chicago PD’ Star Tracy Spiridakos Talks Hailey Upton’s Character Arc in Season 9

About halfway through Season 9, Tracy Spiridakos’ “Chicago PD” character Hailey Upton made a huge decision that would affect her for the rest of the season.

Upton jumped into a river to save the driver and passenger in a car crash. She chose to save the driver first, and unfortunately, the passenger died before she could go back in and grab her. To make matters worse, the driver was actually a carjacker who had been stalking the passenger for the past several weeks. So Upton had saved a criminal and let an innocent die.

During an interview with TV Insider, Spiridakos opened up about Upton’s choice and what it meant for her future. When the interviewer asked if Upton’s conversation with Platt [Amy Morton] helped, Spiridakos said, “I think Hailey’s somebody that beats herself up. So that [conversation is] something that helped for sure. But I think it’s something that sits with her. As we can see at the end of the episode, it’s definitely gonna stay with her.”

As for whether Upton would make the same choice in the future, Spiridakos said, “Maybe? She kind of responded on impulse at that moment. And truthfully, I don’t know that she could have done it differently because Lisa’s foot was stuck. I don’t know that she would change it. She ended up on that side of the car.”

During that same episode, Upton also celebrated 10 years with Chicago PD. Spiridakos opened up about Upton’s character arc during that time and how far she’s come with the unit.

“It’s really interesting to see how, when she had first joined the unit, she more stayed to herself,” Spiridakos said. “And she didn’t really necessarily befriend anybody. Didn’t really go out of her way to do that. And we see her now and yes, it’s absolutely her family and seeing everyone together.”

Spiridakos added, “I loved how it was edited, put together, and you just see them all enjoying each other and having a laugh. It was nice. When you’re going through a hard time, getting to be around the people that you love, even though you’re going through a hard time, is kind of what you need. It was really nice for them to set it up like that.”

Stay tuned for more “Chicago PD” updates.