‘Chicago P.D.’: Taylor Kinney Hopes To See Trudy Platt Break Severide ‘Like a Stick’

by Samantha Whidden

Although he sees a lot of action on Chicago Fire, Taylor Kinney revealed that he wants Amy Morton’s Chicago P.D. character Trudy Platt to get into it with his Severide and break him “like a stick.” 

While reflecting on Severide’s most memorable interaction with the Chicago PD character, Kinney told NBC, “One of the first interactions that Severide had with Platt was, he was at the police station, and she said if they went out, she’d break him like a stick. I would like to see what that would look like.”

Along with Kinney, Oliver Platt, who plays Dr. Daniel Charles on Chicago Med, spoke about the famous Chicago PD cop. “One of the most compelling things about Trudy Platt is that she has this tough exterior. But most people I know who have tough exteriors, they’re just protecting a very soft, gooey, center. I wanna know what’s going on in there.” 

Amy Morton Opens Up About Ditching Theater to Play Trudy Platt on ‘Chicago P.D.’ 

During a 2016 interview with TV Fanatic, Amy Morton revealed why she ditched theater to take on the role of Chicago P.D.’s Trudy Platt. 

“The storyline was so good and the character was fantastic,” the Chicago P.D. actress shared. “I was like, this is someone who’s completely truthful and unbelievably flawed and trying to do the right thing every day but is hard to get along with. And I was like this is me, this is really going to be fun.” 

Morton also stated there is a personal reason for her going for the Chicago P.D. role. “This is my hometown. You can ask any actress to get a job in their hometown it doesn’t happen, so I felt really lucky to have this in my town. So I wasn’t going to say no. I’m so freaking lucky to have this job in my hometown. I’m very grateful.”

When asked what it’s like to have an excitingly popular show in her hometown, the Chicago P.D. star revealed, “On a lot of levels, it means a lot of things. Just on a professional level, it’s giving jobs to the Chicago community that are very important, not only for actors but also crews as well. That’s a huge deal. A lot of the extras on our set are actual cops that are making extra money. That gives it an authenticity that is really important.” 

Morton went on to add that Chicago P.D. tells stories about the Windy City. “Some of these stories are ripped from the pages of cops’ files. That I think is really important and they’re not shying away from the ugly part as well as shining a big light on the really good things about the city. So it’s meaningful to me with these very real and three-dimensional stories of people.”