‘Chicago PD’: These Characters Died in Season 9

by Caitlin Berard

Dick Wolf, creator of the One Chicago, Law & Order, and FBI universes, didn’t become a titan of television by accident. On the contrary, for more than 20 years, the legendary producer has kept a close eye on all of his series and the desires of his fanbase. It’s this dedication to his creations and their viewers that has allowed him to stay on top.

And the element Dick Wolf fans love more than anything? Drama – and lots of it. With that in mind, no Dick Wolf production is complete without high-stakes action, tumultuous romance, and plenty of life-threatening scenarios for his characters.

According to Chicago Fire showrunner Andrea Newman, One Chicago creator Dick Wolf is a huge fan of using character deaths and cliffhangers to add drama. “That’s kind of a Dick Wolf special,” Newman explained to Us Weekly. “He likes to keep everybody guessing on all his shows and we have a big cast. We have an enormous cast. Who knows what could happen?”

Joe Minoso, the actor behind fan-favorite character Joe Cruz on Chicago Fire, added that being in a Dick Wolf production comes with a high level of end-of-season anxiety. “I think for Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, the cast worries [about their characters dying],” Minoso shared with Us Weekly. “Any given episode can be your last.”

“This time of year, especially, everybody’s like, ‘Oh man, what’s gonna happen in the finale? What’s gonna happen in the finale?'” the actor continued. “We’re all freaking out every year. No one is ever safe. And you try to say, ‘I feel, like, pretty good.'”

Which Characters Died in Season 9 of ‘Chicago PD’?

Season 9 of Chicago PD was relatively tame in terms of character deaths. However, neither the fans nor the dedicated members of CPD’s Intelligence Unit could move on to Season 10 without losing a familiar face. And Chicago PD Season 9 ended with not one but two shocking deaths – in the same episode, no less.

The first death of the Season 9 finale came when Anna Avalos, a trusted informant for the CPD, murdered crime lord Javier Escano. When her cover was blown, Anna knew that Javier would come for her, and took him out instead.

Later in the episode, Anna Avalos herself was killed. Though Javier was a despicable criminal, Anna’s actions resulted in her being wanted for murder. She was caught by Voight and his team in an effort to flee town, and the ensuing shootout ended with her death. This will no doubt cause serious distress for Voight in Season 10, who had formed an attachment to Anna earlier in the season.