‘Chicago PD’: This Star Also Featured in ‘Criminal Minds’ For Multiple Seasons

by Shelby Scott

One of our favorite things about procedural dramas is the way certain stars feature in multiple series. For example, before Jason Beghe became iconic on Chicago PD as Sergeant Hank Voight, he actually appeared as a suspect during a season eight episode of NCIS. Similarly, another Chicago PD star once appeared in multiple episodes of the thriller series, Criminal Minds.

Before actor Esai Morales starred in Chicago PD as Chief Lugon during seasons four and five of the police procedural, Looper states he actually had a six-episode run on Criminal Minds.

Morales is a seasoned actor, with credits in other hits like Blue Bloods and Burn Notice. However, Criminal Minds fans loved seeing him play the BAU’s “big boss” Mateo Cruz, albeit his reign was short.

As per the outlet, Morales appeared in multiple episodes between the series’ ninth and 10th seasons. Fans recall that he took over following longtime Section Chief Erin Strauss’s death. Before the actor’s time on Criminal Minds concluded, his character escaped with his life. However, complications with another character sent Morales’ Cruz away from the show.

From there, he went on to star in Chicago PD as Chief Lugon. Morales also featured in six episodes of the NBC drama.

What Can ‘Chicago PD’ Fans Expect From Season 10?

As always, season nine of Chicago PD ended rather dramatically, though writers didn’t leave us with a major cliffhanger like they did during the season eight finale. Nevertheless, things were still pretty intense, with Voight’s confidential informant Anna Avalos attempting to kill him in her final moments.

Now, with Anna dead and the Intelligence Unit torn over the woman’s death, it will be interesting to see where the season 10 premiere of Chicago PD takes us. Here’s what we can expect when the series returns this fall based on the open-ended storylines from season nine.

With the show’s tenth installment certain, we can also look forward to the return of PD’s longtime stars, Jason Beghe, Tracy Spiridakos, Patrick John Fleuger, Marina Squerciati, Jesse Lee Soffer, and LaRoyce Hawkins.

More specifically, fans are hoping that, after initiating a successful take down without any high-ranking detective to lead them, Atwater, Ruzek, and Burgess become promoted to detective status themselves.

We’re also looking forward to further “Burzek” development, given that Adam and Kim’s relationship throughout this season especially has been incredibly strained. Following the conclusion of Chicago PD’s ninth season, series star Patrick John Flueger shared his thoughts regarding his character’s relationship.

“Ruzek’s proposed to [Burgess], I don’t know, 972 times,” Flueger shared with TV Insider. “I think the writing’s on the wall.”

That said, Ruzek also acknowledges that, at the moment, Burgess’s main concern is her adopted daughter Makayla.

“I think the guy respects what she’s doing, [and] respects her need to make sure [Makayla] has what’s best for [her].”

Check back here for all the latest Chicago PD updates as we anxiously await season 10’s premiere.