‘Chicago PD’s Tracy Spiridakos Welcomes New Cast Member to the Show

by Chris Piner

Although known for her role in Chicago P.D., actress Tracy Spiridakos didn’t know she would one-day grace televisions all over the world. Born in Canada, Spiridakos spent a good portion of her childhood in Greece where a majority of her family is from. Eventually, the family moved back to Winnipeg where Spiridakos received steady employment at a Greek restaurant run by her parents. While living a good life, the star decided that life wasn’t for her and moved to Vancouver to pursue a life as an actress. And since then, the actress has appeared in hit shows like Supernatural and Being Human. But for fans of Chicago P.D., they know her as Detective Hailey Upton. 

Making her first appearance in the hit NBC drama in season 4, Tracy Spiridakos quickly grew to become a fan favorite. Being in every season following her debut, many fans were thrilled last month when the actress shared an Instagram post with the caption, “Chicago I’m coming for you…” The picture featured a plane cruising gracefully through the clouds as season 10 of Chicago P.D. is set to premiere on September 21 on NBC. 

Season 10, Here We Go!

With the premiere date right around the corner, it appears the new season is already turning out to be a good time as Tracy Spiridakos shared a picture on Instagram with just a few new faces. She wrote, “Season 10, here we go!”

While not a member of the original cast, Tracy Spiridakos feels right at home thanks to the fans. She once spoke with BUILD about her time on Chicago P.D. and said, “The fans are incredible. It’s been a really wonderful experience. I joined and I was, you know, like the first day of school, you’re a little nervous and getting to know the cast and all the fans and everybody. It’s been a really a lovely experience.”

The actress also shared her admiration for Detective Hailey Upton, who she portrays in Chicago P.D., “She’s a badass, but she’s also really vulnerable and she’s very unapologetic about who she is. And she’s got a very strong moral compass.”

Tracy Spiridakos’ Career Includes Several Hit Shows

Before starring as a regular on Chicago P.D., Tracy Spiridakos made a name for herself by landing key roles in many hit shows. With some mentioned above, other hits included working alongside J.J. Abrams for Revolution. That was another show produced by NBC. Moving past NBC, the actress starred in yet another hit. This time it was for A&E’s Bates Motel

Enjoying her time traveling and filming, Tracy Spiridakos didn’t shy away from her love for Los Angeles and spending a relaxing day with her Rottweiler named Nala.