‘Chicago PD’: Tracy Spiridakos Shares Behind-the-Scenes Selfie With Halstead Actor Jesse Lee Soffer

by Shelby Scott

We still have a few weeks to go until the One Chicago franchise returns to NBC, but thanks to our favorite Chicago PD costars, we can at least take solace knowing that production for an all-new season is in full swing. Taking to Instagram, Chicago PD actors Tracy Spiridakos and Jesse Lee Soffer shared a behind-the-scenes selfie, giving us a view of them as themselves rather than Hailey Upton and Jay Halstead respectively. See Spiridakos’s new post below.

The Chicago PD star shared the photo with a very simple caption: just a single hand-waving emoji. The photo itself shows the Upton star alongside Jesse Lee Soffer, grinning into the camera. Fans, excited to see the onscreen couple back together and filming a new season of Chicago PD, flocked to the comments in a frenzy.

“SCREAMING CRYING THROWING PHONE,” one Chicago PD fan exclaimed, impatient to see what comes next for Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton. Another wrote, “WE NEEDED THIS.”

It’s not unusual for Chicago PD fans to grow impatient weeks out from a new season premiere, but given the potentially critical situation Upton almost found herself in toward the end of last season, fans are more than pumped to see where the couple’s relationship goes from here.

Others, more subdued in their excitement, commented, “Can’t wait for the season premiere on September 21st!!!”

Chicago PD, as well as Chicago Fire and Chicago Med, return to NBC with brand new seasons on Wednesday, September 21st, with Med kicking off the premiere night at 8 p.m. EST.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Share Their Love For One Stonefaced Character

There’s little argument that Hailey Upton and Jay Halstead are Chicago PD fans’ favorite onscreen couple. However, when it comes to the characters individually, few are more adored than District 21 sergeant, Hank Voight.

Voight is a complex character, kicking off his storyline within the One Chicago universe as a dirty cop before transforming into the justice-seeking badass we know today. As fans await the series’ milestone 10th season, they took to Reddit to discuss some of their favorite characters. And despite Voight’s gruff voice and even stonier shell, many Chicago PD fans named Jason Beghe’s character their favorite.

Kicking off the discussion, one Chicago PD fan shared, “Hank Voight was introduced in season 1 of [Chicago] Fire, [and] I hated him. But now watching [Chicago PD] he’s awesome. Who’s your favorite character?”

Several fans listed Adam Ruzek, Kim Burgess, Jay Halstead, and a few previously departed characters. However, multiple fans highlighted Hank Voight.

One fan said they “mostly” like Voight “because when you can see past the tough, gruff exterior he is just full of love [and] he has devoted himself to the job and despite all his loss he still just wants to do the best for the city.”

Another Chicago PD fan said, “He’s excellent. I love that he cuts corners when necessary,” explaining that while Voight doesn’t always follow the rules, he’s constantly seeking justice.