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‘Chicago P.D.’s Tracy Spiridakos Speaks on Upton’s ‘Inner Turmoil’ in Life Without Halstead

by Megan Molseed
Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton
(Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

Chicago P.D. star Tracy Spiridakos is getting candid about the inner turmoil her One Chicago character Hiley Upton is feeling now that she is continuing in her P.D. role after Jesse Lee Soffer’s Jay Halstead has said goodbye.

Tracy Spiridakos’ Chicago P.D. Character Is Going Through All The Turmoil Right Now

In the Wednesday episode of the popular One Chicago series, Tracy Spiridakos’ character Hailey Upton was finally able to face her feelings. Feelings that finally bubbled up in the character after her longtime love Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) chose to leave town. As things progressed since Halstead’s exit this season, Hailey has just learned that Halstead has decided to extend his trip to Bolivia.

Up until these recent episodes, Spiridakos’s Hailey Upton hasn’t shown her hurt over her husband’s choice to leave. And she’s battled whatever she feels over these events internally as she focuses on her role as a Chicago P.D. officer.

“I think she’s going through the motions and she’s getting up, going to work and getting up, going to work, but there’s a lot of inner turmoil happening,” Spiridakos says in a recent discussion with Variety.

“This ultimately will change her in some way, which I’m interested to see how,” the Chicago P.D. actress continues. However, Spiridakos says, they are still “in the changes” that Hailey is struggling to accept.

Spiridakos explains that her character discovers Halstead’s decision to extend his stay in Bolivia, eventually leading to the breakdown that was certainly building up in Hailey for a long time.

“She finds out that he’s extended his stay and has that break down moment of having this hope and then all of a sudden, that’s gone,” the actress explains.

“It’s the first time we see her break down since he’s left, since their goodbye,” Spiridakos continues. “I think there’s gonna be some changes for her over the next little while.”

The Wedding Ring Will Play A Big Part In Hailey’s Healing

Hailey is still wearing her wedding ring, however, Spiridakos knows her character will “eventually” take it off. A move that will aid in effectively closing that chapter of her life.

“She still considers herself still married,” Spiridakos says of her P.D. character.

“I think her taking it off, I’m sure there will be a moment that will come,” she adds. “I assume that’s coming.”

The Chicago P.D. actress adds that her character is “becoming a better cop” as time goes by.

“I feel like that is her trajectory,” Spiridakos says of her character.

“On a personal level, I can imagine that there’s gonna be a part of her that shuts down emotionally,” she adds. “I can see her being somebody that will keep people at a distance while she’s going through what she’s going through.”