‘Chicago PD’ Star Tracy Spiridakos Shares Stunning Shots From Photoshoot

by Joe Rutland

People who watch Chicago PD regularly know that Tracy Spiridakos plays Hailey Upton on the NBC police drama. Yet in this series of photos that Spiridakos shared on Tuesday from her Instagram account, she’s not Upton. Nope, these photos are from a photoshoot that the actress did for Michigan Avenue Magazine. The mag’s account says that it is “The Luxury Traveler’s Guide to Chicago.”

Apparently, these photos were taken at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago hotel. In the caption part of these photos, Spiridakos said that the photos will be available to see in the magazine by August 31. Without much further ado, let’s take a look at what the actress is sharing with the world from the photoshoot that took place. While we know when they will be published, we don’t know exactly when the photos were taken at the Chicago area hotel.

Fans Go Wild Over Photos From ‘Chicago PD’ Actress

As you might not be able to tell, the comments section was on fire after fans saw these photos. One wrote, “Greek Goddess.” Another one said, “I CANT LOOK AWAY.” This fan wrote, “I loved these photos! You look so perfect and gorgeous!” One more for the road? Why not? “Tracy you are the most beautiful soul i have ever seen, you are killing these looks girl!!” We admit that the photos are good and show the actress in a different light. Much different than what fans of Chicago PD might see Spiridakos like on their TV sets.

Meanwhile, let’s have the actress talk a little bit about the progression of her character. Upton has been part of the show’s landscape for 10 seasons. “It’s really interesting to see how, when she had first joined the unit, she more stayed to herself and she didn’t really necessarily befriend anybody, didn’t really go out of her way to do that,” the actress told TV Insider in an interview. “And we see her now and yes, it’s absolutely her family and seeing everyone together, I loved how it was edited, put together, and you just see them all enjoying each other and having a laugh. It was nice.” 

Speaking of nice, we recently happened to get a little behind-the-scenes shot of Spiridakos with Jesse Lee Soffer. Of course, he plays Jay Halstead, her significant other, on the show. Seeing both of their smiling faces together definitely did send some of their fans into the stratosphere. But they will have to come on down to Earth if they want to see them together on Chicago PD. Its new season kicks off on Wednesday night, September 21, on NBC. This is part of the One Chicago franchise night, too.