‘Chicago PD’ Upcoming Episode Turns the Spotlight Back on Burgess and Ruzek

by Shelby Scott

The ninth season of “Chicago PD” is rapidly winding down, with the next all-new episode debuting next Wednesday, May 11th. And while we can always expect a suspenseful, action-packed plot from the series’ writers, fans should expect Burgess and Ruzek to spotlight in the upcoming episode of “Chicago PD.”

After weeks of waiting, we finally have an episode synopsis for the 20th installment of “Chicago PD’s” ninth season. Up until now, the wait has been long. But the synopsis reveals it will definitely be worth it. This time, the Intelligence Unit will have to scourge the past for answers to a brand new case.

Meanwhile, the episode’s description also revealed Burgess and Ruzek will face more conflict when it comes to their adopted daughter, Makayla. See what to expect below.

“Voight and the team delve into a cold case in search of clues to solve a shocking new crime. With its focus on buried memories, the case sparks concern for Burgess and Ruzek about Makayla’s mental healing.”

It’s not a whole lot to go on, but with Burgess and Ruzek’s parenthood a primary theme within season nine of “Chicago PD,” it’ll be interesting to see how their current investigation ties into the young girl’s experiences.

Unsurprisingly, Monsters & Critics shared the episode title is “Memory.” And with the past pertinent to both the case and the Makayla storyline, episode 20 of “Chicago PD” will definitely take us on a trip.

How Many Episodes of ‘Chicago PD’ are Left for Season 9?

Like I said before, the current season of “Chicago PD” is quickly coming to a close, and that begs the question, just how many episodes are left before we say goodbye to the IU until the fall?

Well, fortunately for you “Chicago PD” fans, we have the schedule for the series’ final episodes.

As we know, “Chicago PD’s” temporary break continues through this Wednesday, so any fans tuning in to NBC will likely catch a season nine rerun. And next week obviously airs the season’s 20th episode, “Memory.” So what comes after that?

Well, fortunately, it seems like the current hiatus is the last of the season. So when “Chicago PD” returns next week, we should be able to watch the end of season 9 without interruption.

Wednesday, May 18th airs the next all-new episode of “Chicago PD,” though we don’t have a synopsis or promo for it yet. Hopefully, we’ll receive more information as to what to expect after the upcoming episode airs next week.

Finally, the last all-new episode of “Chicago PD” airs at the end of the month, on Wednesday, May 25th. The plot of the 22nd and final episode of the season remains a mystery at the moment.