‘Chicago PD’: When Does Production Begin on Season 10?

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago PD has been renewed for a 10th season and is set to debut during NBC’s fall lineup. But don’t expect the actors to get back on set too soon.

While there are only a few months to go before the next batch of dramatic episodes starts flowing, filming won’t begin until July. But when Chicago PD filming does pick back up, it will likely include some major new story and character arcs.

Last season left off with the death of Anna Avalos. Upton was forced to shoot the criminal informant when Anna emotionally turned her gun on Voight after learning the truth about kingpin Javier Escano. And she ended up dying in the hospital while Voight, Halstead, and Upton watched helplessly.

Among that drama, Burgess and Ruzek were still dealing with the fallout from Makayla’s kidnapping. Because of their on-again-off-again romance and the fact that they’re both Makayla’s guardians, they’re going to have to deal with their issues.

‘Chicago PD’ May See a Time Jump During Season 10

And when the new Chicago PD season opens, it’s likely that we’ll see the officers jump a few months into the future.

When the story opens, chances are that the characters will have spent some time suffering through their conflict off-screen. And they’ll meet us in present-day this autumn.

The reason for this prediction plays into the shooting of Anna. Because Voight had such a connection with her, he will have a hard time dealing with the emotional fallout. While the officer straddles the line of bad cop and good cop, he has always been faithful to those he cares about. And when it came to Anna, he felt personally responsible for her well-being.

In the past, Voight has gone through similar situations of losing someone he was protecting. And coming back from the losses was a hard road. So, showing Voight well into his grieving process will be a necessary tactic for the writers in order to capture his headspace. In fact, nearly every time that Voight has suffered a similar story, the writers wrote in a major time gap.

The Anna Avalos case will also involve Upston, as well. And the investigation will have taken some time to get off the ground. So it would make sense for Chicago PD to skip ahead to make it more interesting for the viewers.

Another reason to believe that the series will work in a time jump is that the entire One Chicago series tends to keep the story in the same timeframe as the audience. That way, the writers can work current events into the plot.

So it’s more than likely that the entire department is currently living their life in the background as we wait to see them return this September.