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‘Chicago PD’: Why Amy Morton Calls This Horrifying Scene Her Favorite of the Show So Far

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Chicago PD” star Amy Morton is no longer a leading officer in the series’ Intelligence Unit. However, she’s made an appearance in nearly every episode. And, after nine seasons on NBC, the Trudy Platt actress has revealed the reason why one horrifying scene is her favorite of the show so far.

Season four houses Amy Morton’s all-time favorite scene, however, the episode is rather violent and heartbreaking. According to Looper, the episode entitled “All Cylinders Firing” spotlights Trudy in her effort to avenge her father.

As per the outlet, the episode aired in 2016. It sees Desk Sergeant Platt suffering a violent assault, later discovering her father has been murdered by the same offender. Soon enough, one of the Intelligence Unit’s officers uncovers crucial evidence that identifies the murderer. Afterward, Trudy goes on a mission to get revenge.

After following the evidence and locating the criminal, “Chicago PD” fans watch as Amy Morton’s character prepares to exact her grief and anger on the killer. However, suddenly, I.U. Sergeant Hank Voight steps in and pulls Trudy from doing something we know the character would never recover from.

“You’re not me Trudy!” Voight insists. “You couldn’t live with yourself.”

Longtime fans of “Chicago PD” know Voight has a complicated past. Often, his methods for upholding the law often reside in a bleak, gray area. At one point, he even threatened “Chicago Fire” character Matt Casey if he were to expose his son’s DUI. As we know though, nine seasons later, his character has grown and developed.

In the end, Voight convinces Trudy to let the law punish the killer, making sure he does prison time. Morton spoke out about the scene in an NBC feature. Watch her talk about it around the 1:02:00 mark below:

Amy Morton Has Appeared in Every ‘Chicago PD’ Episode but One

“Chicago PD” fans know that Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt is a dedicated upholder of the law. However, it seems that her actress Amy Morton is just as dedicated. Across nine seasons of “Chicago PD,” Morton has made an appearance in every episode but one.

In fact, that episode took place all the way back in season one, when “Chicago PD” had just become the first spin-off of “One Chicago‘s” flagship series “Chicago Fire.”

Looper states the only episode that doesn’t feature an appearance from Trudy Platt is entitled “8:30 p.m.” The 12th installment of season one, “8:30 p.m.” keeps “Chicago PD” fans on the edge of their seats as the investigative team races to stop a string of car bombings.

In the end, the team finds the perpetrator is a man named Ted Powell, and they catch the criminal as the bomb squad defuses the third and final bomb.

Now, nine seasons in, “Chicago PD” fans should tune in to NBC on Wednesday, May 11th to catch the series’ next all-new episode.