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‘Chicago PD’: Why Did Kenny Rixton Actor Nick Wechsler Leave the Series After One Season?

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for NBCUniversal)

He was cast in the role of Kenny Rixton on “Chicago PD” in 2017, and here is why Nick Wechsler decided to leave the hit series after only one season. 

According to One Chicago Center, Nick Wechsler first surfaced on “Chicago PD” as Kenny Rixton during the show’s fourth season. His character was notably tasked to replace Patrick Flueger’s Adam Ruzek while Ruzek was on an undercover stint. Not much was revealed about Rixton’s personal life. And the character did not create a bond with the IU team as other newcomer characters. The website noted that Rixton’s belief was that he simply filled in for Ruzek. And he was not going to start on the team very long. 

However, in the end, Rixton’s thoughts about being on the team for a short period of time were accurate. After Ruzek returned, the “Chicago PD” character stated that he accepted a job to be second in-command for the narcotics team and Ruzek is able to resume his position on the IU team. The duo then bonded after Rixton said he was friends with Ruzek’s father during his time on the force. 

After the conversation with Ruzek, Rixton left “Chicago PD” and hasn’t been seen since. Nor has there been any mention about the charcter since the show’s fourth season. Following his departure from “Chicago PD,” Nick Wechsler took on other roles, including being cast as Matthew Blaisdel on “Dynasty”; Cole in “Shades of Blue”; Ryan Sharp in “This Is Us”; and Blue Hawk in “The Boys.”

‘Chicago PD’ Executive Producer Opens Up About Bringing Nick Wechsler on the Show 

During a December 2016 interview with TV Line, “Chicago PD” executive producer, Matt Olmstead, shared details about bringing Nick Wechsler, who played Hank Voight’s former protégé on the hit series. “[The IU team wants] to know the story. Who am I working with? Who am I trusting my life to?”

Olmstead then explained that Voight wasn’t big on explaining himself to the rest of the team about bringing in Wechsler’s character. “He doesn’t really mind them being a little destabilized, and he’s not falling over himself to say, ‘Hey, guys, accept him.’ He’s still coming from a point of view of, ‘I run the unit. I brought him in. I say he’s going to work out, [then] he’s going to work out. So do your job.’”

Olmstead then said that Rixton’s arrive does stir up different reactions among the team in terms of willing to look past certain things. “We’re going to explore the circumstances of why [Kenny] wants to leave the gang unit. The question becomes: Can [Kenny] make a transition into legitimate detective work when he came from the murky Wild West of the gang.”