‘Chicago PD’: Why Fans Are Worried About Season 10

by Shelby Scott

The season nine finale of Chicago PD was a lot less open-ended than season eight’s. Last year, Sergeant Hank Voight and Detective Hailey Upton became involved in a massive murder coverup. Fans recall when the latter shot and killed a suspect and Voight buried and burned the body. This year differs drastically as the season’s final episode resulted in the death of Voight’s confidential informant Anna Avalos. Heading into season 10, Chicago PD fans are worried the shooting will have exceedingly negative effects on the investigative unit.

Ultimately, Voight’s closeness with Anna Avalos resulted in the heartache that will surely continue to affect him when season 10 premieres. As per Looper, the last we saw of Anna was when she was pointing a gun at Voight, the sergeant assuring her he could protect her. Sadly though, Anna panics and hits Voight, which draws gunfire from detectives Halstead and Upton, killing her.

Given the IU’s current rocky state, and the sergeant’s rocky relationship with Jay Halstead especially, things could spin out badly in some way this fall.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Share Their Predictions For Season 10

As we wait to see what comes next for Chicago PD fans’ favorite characters, viewers took to Reddit to share their predictions. One Chicago PD fan opened the discussion, simply entitling it, “Anna and Voight.”

In the post, they asked other fans, “will or should [Voight] blame Hailey and Jay [for Anna’s death]?”

In answering their own question, they suspected Voight will blame both of his detectives “because you could see the pain in his face as Anna died.”

A second contributor believes Chicago PD writers will aim for one of two extremes. They said Voight will either fall into “super rage mode and nearly kill Hailey” or the show’s writers will simply move on to new storylines. Another fan predicted things could turn ugly for Upton. They said, “You can tell things are gonna be complicated for both voight and hailey next season…he’s not gonna be too happy with her either.”

Another Chicago PD fan thinks otherwise. Instead of blaming Hailey and Jay, they believe Voight will “internalize” Anna’s death. More specifically, they said, “Voight is not going to blame Hailey. That is just not the kind of man he is.”

Hank Voight Actor Jason Beghe Shares His Views About the Character

Aside from Anna Avalos’s death, Hank Voight actor Jason Beghe believes his character is super dedicated to his job. Like Anna, he had practically no family to come home to. So Beghe told ONTVtoday that as a result of that isolation, he’s able to put everything he has into work.

“He’s probably more focused on it because it’s the only thing he has. He doesn’t get distracted,” Beghe said.