‘Chicago PD’: Why Some Fans Say Jay Halstead’s Behavior Has ‘Gotten Out of Hand’

by Shelby Scott

If “Chicago PD” fans eliminate Hank Voight from the cast, just for a moment—I promise—then the ideal choice for the Investigative Unit’s leader is, for many people, Jay Halstead. However, with the season nine finale of the procedural crime drama just days away, many “Chicago PD” fans think Halstead’s behavior has “gotten out of hand.”

According to Looper, when “Chicago PD” first aired, Jay Halstead was introduced as a “White Knight.” Showrunner Rick Eid previously said of the character, “He always had a strong moral compass…he is such an honest cop and we know he plays by the rules.”

However, nine seasons in, fans have begun to notice a significant shift in Halstead’s personality; especially if you consider his part in covering up Voight and Upton’s murder of a criminal suspect.

Truthfully, it’s easy to see why Halstead’s values and approach to law enforcement have changed. After all, he’s worked alongside the not-so-straightlaced sergeant Hank Voight for nine years. After so much time, you’re bound to pick up a person’s habits.

However, with a hair-raising finale just days away, “Chicago PD” fans say that Halstead has simply gotten too arrogant. Others have deemed the character a downright hypocrite. See what they have to say below.

“Chicago PD” Fans are Not Happy with Halstead

Always a substantial source of “Chicago PD” gossip, fans of the series took to Reddit to vent their criticisms. In the show’s official subreddit, one fan kicked off the conversation, simply writing, “Jay is getting on my nerves…”

Plenty of “Chicago PD” fans revealed similar feelings.

“I used to like Jay,” another “PD” fan added. “[B]ut he HAS gotten rather annoying and I find myself just going ‘ugh’ when he is riding his high horse….. He knew what he was getting into with this unit… Voight had a strong reputation that was well known.”

Another had harsh criticisms of the character. They wrote, “You don’t get to pretend to have the moral high ground while staying in this unit. Either leave or quit pretending you haven’t been complicit in every broken law and every broken bone along the way.”

For season upon season of “Chicago PD,” Jay Halstead remained one of the series’ fan-favorite characters. However, if writers don’t adjust his arc before long, we’re not sure how long he’ll be able to maintain his role on the show.

Did Hailey Upton Die During the Penultimate Episode?

We understand fans’ frustration with Halstead and his moral high ground this season. However, fans might just want to cut him a break depending on how the shoe drops during the upcoming “Chicago PD” finale.

After seasons of buildup, Halstead and Upton finally got married this year, agreeing on a simple, courthouse wedding following loads of uncertainty. Now, though, their marriage might just have become cut short, because it seems Hailey Upton might not make it to season 10.

Last episode, we watched the team pursue a suspect in a parking lot, although the pursuit came to a quick end after a car exploded. Both Upton and Halstead were thrown from the force. However, while Halstead struggles to right himself, he looks over to see his partner unconscious on the grounds. And when he calls to her, she doesn’t respond. Is this the end of Hailey Upton?