‘Chicago PD’: Why Some Fans Soured on Kim After Season 9

by Taylor Cunningham

Officer Kim Burgess has long been a Chicago PD fan-favorite character. But her recent treatment of on-again-off-again boyfriend Adam Ruzek has shown her true colors. And some fans are calling her out on social media.

The Burzek romance has always been a rocky situation for the Windy City officers. They’ve gone from friends to lovers, to fiancées, and back to friends over the course of seven seasons. But despite not being a couple, they still have very apart love for each other.

Since breaking up, Chicago PD fans have been rooting for them to reunite. And in season nine, that almost happened. The duo took in a little girl named Makayla and eventually adopted her. And to make Makayla’s homelife more stable, Adam even moved in with the girls. But the almost relationship burned out after Makayla was kidnapped and nearly murdered.

Kim and Adam managed to keep it together long enough to find their missing daughter, but they were constantly at odds about how to track her down. And once Makayla was safe at home, the couple—mainly Kim—couldn’t get over the fighting. So she kicked Adam out of her house and told him to stay out of Makayla’s life.

Now, fans are ready to stand behind poor, scorned Adam.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Think Burgess Treats Ruzek ‘Like Dirt’

After the jaw-dropping dismissal of Adam, people have lost their love of Kim. And in a recent Reddit thread dedicated to the couple’s relationship, many fans joined in to share how they really feel.

“I used to love Kim so much,” u/Jessica19922 wrote. “She used to be my favorite character. But they’ve made her into a total Jerk. She’s treating Adam like dirt.”

Another user jumped into the conversation to share that they used to dislike Adam and loved Kim. But now they feel the opposite because “Kim just takes him for granted.”

“It bothered me a lot that this season they wrote Kim to be such a b***h,” u/elmonosuke added.

However, other fans think that Kim’s downfall is due to lazy writing. Because she was abducted and nearly killed last season and then her daughter suffered the same fate this season, she’s not thinking clearly. But for some reason, the show isn’t making that clear.

One Redditor noted that the show “missed an opportunity” to explain how her “abduction caused her erratic behavior towards Adam.” And another added that because of her recent experiences, it’s “almost like trying to build a wall around the two of them and Adam is just on the outside.”

But since the couple has had such a rough go at romance, we’d assume that the writers will finally address the tension in upcoming seasons. And in the end, the two will either get back together or break up for good. Hopefully, because of Makayla, the characters will be able to come to some resolution soon—and maybe that resolution will bring Kim Burgess back into the good graces of her former fans.