‘Chicago PD’: Why You Should Probably Expect a Time Jump in Season 10

by Taylor Cunningham

When Chicago PD season 10 opens later this year during the NBC fall lineup, we’ll likely see the Windy City officers living a few months in the future.

The series may not initially make a time jump. But chances are that once the story settles in, all the characters will have gone through a few months of off-screen drama before we see this year’s action kick in.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

One of the main reasons this is possible is because of the nature of the season 9 finale. In it, criminal informant Anna Avalos was working deep undercover to bring down Javier Escano and his gang. But when her identity was blown, she panicked, stabbed Escano, and then shot Voight in the shoulder in an attempt to escape.

Because she fired a weapon at a fellow officer, Upton shot Anna in return. And after they took her to the hospital, she died while Voight, Upton, and Halstead watched helplessly.

When Season 10 of ‘Chicago PD’ Opens, Voight Will be Reeling From Guilt

Since Chicago PD came back from the fall hiatus, Voight had been working with Anna. And while there was plenty of drama between the two due to mistrust, Voight had grown close to the informant. Over the course of seven episodes, he had gone to great lengths to protect her.

As Cartermatt notes, picking up Chicago PD season 10 immediately after the shocking death wouldn’t do justice to Voight and the emotional state he’ll be in. The cop has lost his fair share of loved ones over the past eight years that he’s been with the precinct. And almost every time that’s happened, the writers have focused on his mourning months after the events that took the lives because it usually takes that long for the hardened cop to accept his feelings.

And because of his involvement with the situation, Voight will probably have a major story arch from the start. Anna had been a member of the Los Temidos gang. And during her initiation, a few members assaulted her, which gave her PTSD that carried over to her work.

Voight didn’t know Anna’s backstory, though. And when he found out, he became emotionally invested and vowed to get her out of the gang. But instead, he became frantic and disorganized during the case and the events that led to her death. So the officer will be reeling from the guilt this fall.

And another reason to predict a jump in the future has nothing to do with Hank Voight. It’s simply that the series likes to keep characters living in the current day to keep them on par with viewers. So while the police department is off-screen, they’re probably going about their lives over the summer like the rest of us.