‘Chicago PD’: Will Anna Avalos Star in Season 9?

by Caitlin Berard

One of the most pivotal storylines of Chicago PD Season 9 was Anna Avalos’ (Carmela Zumbado) involvement with the Intelligence Unit. A former gang member turned informant for the police, Anna developed a connection with the officers of Chicago PD throughout the season. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), in particular, however, took a strong liking to the mother of one, and over time, the two became close.

Sadly, Season 9 ended in a dramatic fashion, as fans were warned it would. Anna Avalos attacked Javier Escano, a dangerous criminal who assaulted her in the past, stabbing him to death. When Voight and his team find Javier, he informs them of his attacker’s identity.

The officers then find Anna at a gas station, at which point Voight attempts to talk Anna out of fleeing from the murder. A panicked Anna shoots Voight in the shoulder and is then shot and killed by Upton (Tracy Spiridakos).

As such, Anna Avalos can’t be in Season 10 in the flesh. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see flashbacks of Anna from Voight’s point of view. The death of his informant and friend was extremely hard on the Sergeant, but he didn’t have much time to grieve in the Season 9 finale. His reaction to the loss will likely provide a major storyline in the coming episodes.

What ‘Chicago PD’ Fans Hope to See in Season 10

Season 10 of Chicago PD is on the way, but fans still have quite a wait ahead of them. It’s already been a month since the Season 9 finale and Season 10 likely won’t kick off until mid to late September.

With no Chicago PD episodes on the horizon, fans are keeping themselves busy by discussing what they’d like to see in Season 10. In a recent Reddit thread, Intelligence Unit enthusiasts expressed some big ideas for the next batch of episodes.

One of the common requests among fans is new relationships for the characters. As one user said, “I literally want them all to break up and have relationships outside the unit. Because at this point…I cannot with this in-house romance and I am not buying the upstead romance.”

They also want to see more crossovers, which is a wish that very well could come true, as series creator Dick Wolf himself has wished for it as well. According to Wolf, you never know who might show up in a Chicago PD episode. It could even be someone from one of his other universes (Law & Order and FBI)!

Last but not least, fans feel the series could use more character development. They want more backstory and personal stories for their favorites, especially Hailey Upton, Hank Voight, Adam Ruzek, and Kim Burgess.