‘Chicago PD’: Will Anna’s Death Divide the Intelligence Unit?

by Taylor Cunningham

After Anna’s shocking death during the Chicago PD finale, we’re wondering how the Windy City officers will keep calm during the events that will certainly follow next season. But more importantly, will the investigation divide the intelligence unit?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

Chicago PD‘s second major season 9 story arc surrounded the unit’s dramatic and sometimes deadly attempt to bring down Javier Escano and his Los Temidos gang. To do that, Officer Hank Voight enlisted the help of a criminal informant named Anna Avalos.

During the final moments of this year’s finale, we watched as Anna finally brought down Escano. But unfortunately, there wasn’t any proper justice served. Instead, Anna killed him in a fit of rage. And after, she turned the gun on Voight, leaving Upton with no choice but to shoot Anna first.

In the end, Anna succumbed to her wounds at Gaffney medical center while Voight, Hallstead, and Upton watched helplessly. And now that we’re about to head into season 10 of the procedural, the officers—namely Voight—will have a lot of questions to answer.

Will Voight Be Facing Consequences as ‘Chicago PD’ Season 10 Opens?

The reason that Anna went off protocol and killed Escano was entirely due to a secret that Voight had been keeping from her. From the very start of the case, Voight and Anna had a strained relationship. First, she lied to him about her time in the gang. And the truth didn’t come out until she almost blew her cover during an operation.

Anna was also a member of Los Temidos. And as it turned out, the night she was initiated, a few of the members assaulted her. When she was speaking to them while working for the PD, she recognized her attackers’ voices and panicked.

A few episodes later, Voight found out that Escano had ordered the assault on her. But he decided not to tell her because he thought it could compromise the situation. However, Anna figured out the truth on her own. And that’s why she shot Escano in the Chicago PD finale. And when she realized that Voight had been keeping the secret from her, she turned her focus on him.

Throughout the case, however, Voight had bonded with Anna. And he felt personally responsible for her safety. He also vowed to get her out of the gang and help her start a new life. So watching her die due to his actions will certainly leave him broken.

The situation could also cause a rift in the Chicago PD intelligence unit, TV Insider notes. Voights actions forced Upton to have to make a life and career-changing decision yet again. And we’re sure that officers are fed up with being in that situation. If you remember, season 9 opened with the drama surrounding the consequences of Voight convincing Upton to cover up their killing of Burgess’ shooter.