‘Chicago PD’: Will Jason Beghe Return for Season 10?

by Joe Rutland

When watching Chicago PD, fans of the long-running Dick Wolf drama have grown attached to seeing Jason Beghe. Beghe plays Hank Voight, who heads up the Intelligence Unit. Last season, viewers saw him go through some things. Voight was shot by Anna Avalos, who also was shot and died in the Season 9 finale.

This messes with his head as Voight kind of grew close to Anna on the show. Now that she’s dead, how in the world is he going to deal with it? The bigger question for some is will the actor be coming back to the show? It’s a fair question since the character has been put in some testy situations. Meanwhile, the Voight character isn’t as hot-headed as he might have been in the past. Just seeing him kind of simmer down is something fans might still be getting used to on the show.

While it might be something to talk about, the fact is that Beghe isn’t going anywhere. Look, he plays one of the most popular characters on Chicago PD. Watching him and Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos, deal with the fallout of the Walton shooting has been interesting. Voight is like a lightning rod where he has that short fuse. Yet he’s become a little tamer, shall we say, through last season. Well, the actor will be coming back for Season 10. Fans can rest in the knowledge that Voight is going to be watching over the IU yet again.

But the actor almost passed on starring in the show. “When I got the script and the offer to do a recurring role on Chicago Fire, I was in the middle of a lot of personal stuff,” Beghe said. “Both my parents had just died, and I wasn’t sure that I was going to accept the job.” The actor has learned to adjust to the changes in his life and grow on the show. He’s a native of New York and has worked hard over the years in his career.

One time, Beghe talked about the growth taking place in his character on the show. “You know it’s like, how do you keep it fresh in your own life?” Beghe said in an interview with KTLA. “You know, the character evolves, or he is going to be boring and die. And as I continue to grow, so does he.” With the growth happening in his character, Beghe understands that Voight will just get better and better. The NBC show finds itself as part of the One Chicago franchise. It’ll be part of the Wednesday night lineup now and into the future.