Former ‘Chicago PD’ Star Sophia Bush Celebrates Big Career Accomplishment

by Samantha Whidden

Earlier this month, “Chicago PD” alum, Sophia Bush celebrated her latest career accomplishment, which is the one-year anniversary of her “One Tree Hill” podcast, “Drama Queens.” 

The podcast features Sophia Bush alongside her former “One Tree Hill” co-stars Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz. The ladies describe themselves as the Drama Queens. Each dissects every episode of the former drama series and every detail that fans want to know. 

Sophia Bush previously spoke to Variety in 2021 about the podcast. “The show itself is a thing that we have had all these mixed emotions about for so long,” she explained. “This is an opportunity for us to lean into everything that was good and we’re going to take back everything that should have been better. To be in that position of empathetic power feels really good. Because there was no one in power who showed us all that much empathy, and we want to do it differently.”

Sophia Bush also said that the podcast will have all three ladies talking about each “One Tree Hill” episode and remembering things that happened on the show. “There is something about our show that feels like home,” Bush stated. “And not just to us, but to so many people. It wasn’t some glitzy show about kids in high fashion or vampires or werewolves, which we’re all into for a reason, but it was a place where a lot of people felt recognized, where they felt seen, where they felt represented.”

Sophia Bush Launches ‘One Tree Hill’ Podcast Four Years After Sexual Harassment Allegations Were Revealed 

Although the ladies loved “One Tree Hill,” Sophia Bush, Burton, and Lenz were among the nearly 20 women who spoke out for the former writer, Audrey Wauchope. The writer alleged that creator Mark Schwahn sexually harassed her. Producers of the show were also accused of other misconduct on the show’s set. 

Sophia Bush said despite the situation, the show shouldn’t be ruined. “This show, this place, this experience for us is wrapped up with anger and betrayal,” she explained. “And mistreatment, and voice, and really inappropriate behavior.”

However, Sophia Bush acknowledges that the cast and crew had moments of joy and laughter on the set. “And we had days on set where we didn’t have negative influences around; where we got to be together; and do work we were proud of. So it’s all jumbled up together.”

Bush further noted that the three ladies will approach discussions with a different approach. She then added, “We are blunt women. And not having felt like we had permission to just ask honest questions, because it might disrupt the set, has made us so honest now. There’s nothing off-limits.”