‘One Chicago’ Cast Members Weigh In on Jesse Lee Soffer’s ‘Chicago P.D.’ Exit

by Joe Rutland

For fans of Chicago P.D., they are going to have to get used to not having Jesse Lee Soffer on their TV screens soon. Soffer, who plays Jay Halstead on the NBC police drama, is out the door after 10 seasons there. A reason for his departure remains somewhat elusive. Still, that has not kept a number of One Chicago cast members from weighing in on losing Soffer. They, too, appear to be just as upset as the show’s fans are after hearing the news.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar appeared in the Season 9 finale. He would get promoted to a full-time cast member for Season 10 of Chicago P.D., TODAY reports. Aguilar called the announcement of Soffer’s departure as a bittersweet one. Aguilar plays Dante Torres and he joined the Intelligence Unit as a rookie. Well, Jay Halstead is there to provide some guidance and support.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Fellow Cast Members, Others Share Their Thoughts

“It’s been like art imitating life in a way because Jesse and I became really good friends and he’s been like a mentor for me,” Aguilar said. “The same way he took in the character, he took me in as well. He’s a brilliant human being and I’m gonna miss him.” Nick Gehlfuss, who plays Dr. Nick Halstead, and he’s Jay’s brother, on Chicago Med, shares Aguilar’s sentiments.

“It was not surprising to hear you say that, that he welcomed you in, because that’s exactly what he did for me,” Gehlfuss would tell Chicago P.D. star Aguilar. “I’ll never forget that. It was a little intimidating for me when this all started. He took me under his wing.” While Gehlfuss said that he and Soffer are indeed friends, he admitted that the news caught him off-guard.

“It was surprising to hear that he’s leaving,” Gehlfuss said. “There will be a void. But that’s the nature of this industry, and that’s just what happens. But I will certainly miss him. But we have a relationship to carry outside of all this that we will.”

Kara Killmer plays Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire and has been there since 2014. She shared that she, too, was shocked over the news about Soffer’s departure. “He’s done such a great job with that character,” Killmer said. “I got to do a one-on-one scene when I first started, and he’s always been lovely to me. He does such good work. The whole One Chicago family is definitely losing a very well-loved, very talented actor. And so I feel I feel for the fans.” Soffer of Chicago P.D. is planning to appear in the show’s first episode but we don’t know how many he will appear in after that one.