WATCH: ‘Chicago PD’ Star Jason Beghe Recalls Meeting Legendary Yankees Hall of Famer

by Taylor Cunningham

Even major stars like Chicago PD’s Jason Beghe have fanboy moments. In a recent video, the actor explained just where he was when he met one of his most beloved celebrities.

With the series heading into its fall premiere, NBC has been taking the time to get fans excited with teasers and tidbits about One Chicago’s fan-favorite actors.

Today, the network highlighted Beghe as he told a childhood tale that still makes him smile today.

“Who said Voight wasn’t easily impressed?” it captioned.

In the clip, Beghe shared a time that he “got starstruck” after he ran into one of baseball’s greatest legends. When he was just a kid, Jason Beghe was getting off “the second ave bus.” And as he started walking away, that’s when it happened.

“I started heading north, and my god, it’s Joe DiMaggio,” he said with a smile. “And I go, ‘Hey, Joe!’ And he goes, ‘Hiya, kid.’ And I thought, ‘Aww, I wish I hadn’t bugged him.'”

“And I turned around, and everybody on the street’s going, ‘Hey, joe,’ and he’s going, ‘Hey, buster.’ Everybody just said ‘hi’ to him,” he continued. “So, Joe Dimaggio.”

Jason Beghe is Among the Many Stars Returning for ‘Chicago PD’ Season 10

Luckily, Jason Beghe is one of the many stars who are coming back for Chicago PD’s milestone 10th season. In the series, he plays a gruff-voiced officer with a checked past and a hot temper. In his career, he’s committed murder and fraud. And more recently, he convinced the ever-ethical Hailey Upton to cover up a crime.

But in reality, Beghe is the opposite of his on-screen persona. In fact, his co-star LaRoyce Hawkins even went on the record once and compared the actor to “a kitten.”

“He’s something like a kitten, man,” the Kevin Atwater star joked. “I use that word because that’s what he would call himself. There’s nothing but love, honestly.”

“He loves the show so much,” Hawkins continued. “He loves everybody on it so much. When we find him being intense, it comes from a place of heart….What’s real for Jason oftentimes is that pure love that he has in that moment. I’ve seen him do it with his family. I’ve seen him do it with us as family. That’s the part of Voight that doesn’t give up on a case the same way I know Jason wouldn’t give up on anybody in his life.”

Luckily you don’t have to wait much longer to see Voight’s “intense” love for the job. Chicago PD and the rest of the One Chicago series came back to NBC on September 21, 2022.