‘Yellowstone’s Jefferson White Previews His New Character on ‘Chicago PD’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Yellowstone fans are used to seeing Jefferson White appear as Jimmy Hurdstrom but he’s going to be appearing on Chicago PD. On the NBC police drama, White will play Sean, Police Chief Patrick O’Neal’s son. The multi-episode arc starts up on Wednesday night. We will see Sean help Intelligence while they search for a missing girl. That search will lead them to a human trafficking ring. White talked about his role.

“He’s got access to communities that don’t necessarily trust the CPD because of the history and tension,” White said in an interview with TVLine. “Sean himself has a complicated relationship with the police, and that also means he has a completely different perspective on [the case].” Complicated would be one way to put it. White said that Sean, his character, has lived a “very difficult life.” He’s had a struggle with addiction issues. This would result in a “contentious relationship with his dad.” This would improve after Sean turned his life around. He dedicated himself to helping youth who are going through similar issues, according to TVLine.

Jefferson White’s Character Will Spend Time With Upton on ‘Chicago PD’

Sean and Torres, another newcomer, share some similarities. Torres has some street-savvyness to him on Chicago PD. And yes, he also has some rough edges to deal with, too. Yet White would say that Sean and Torres take “very different approaches” in how they go about serving the communities that they come from. In this Wednesday night episode, we will see Sean work alongside Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos. She has been struggling lately as Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer, took another job outside of the country. White adds that Sean is a “kindred spirit” with Hailey. He also will offer her a shoulder to cry on. “What she’s going through — the difficulty of that — he offers to be an outlet and a resource as she navigates [it],” White says.

Meanwhile, let’s bend back over to Yellowstone for a minute. White has some thoughts about the leadership aspect of lead actor Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton on the show. White follows up after fellow Yellowstone actor Luke Grimes talked about Costner and his work ethic. “Yeah, that permeates all the way down the call sheet,” White said. “He takes it so seriously — it’s such a labor of love for him every day that he’s on set. That energy permeates everybody in the cast and the crew. And it really starts to feel like a personal labor of love for a crew of 150, for a cast of 30. His leadership at the head of that really trickles down in amazing ways.”