Chuck Norris’ 22-Year-Old Grandson Just Booted Off Reality Show in Premiere Episode

by Samantha Whidden

Over before it really started. Chuck Norris’ 22-year-old grandson Maxwell Norris was the first contestant to be sent home on Kevin And Frankie Jonas’ “Claim to Fame” reality TV show. 

Entertainment Weekly reports that during the reality show’s premiere on Monday (July 11th), Chuck Norris’ grandson was sent home. However, it wasn’t because he failed to make a correct guess. It was due to the contestant being disqualified for using a secret cell phone that he had hidden in his belongings. It is notably a clear violation of the show’s “no electronics device” rule. The disqualification came just as another contestant, Pepper, was about to try to guess Maxwell’s identity. 

The disqualification of Chuck Norris’ grandson actually saved Pepper from being eliminated from the show. She was planning to guess that Maxwell’s celebrity relative was Steven Spielberg. Prior to being disqualified, Maxwell revealed that he hadn’t told Chuck Norris that he was appearing on the show. Looking sheepish after being exposed, he mumbled, “Hi Papa.”

Fellow “Claim to Fame” contestant Logan then said, “it’s going to be tough explaining this one. I’d be nervous to go home to my grandfather, and my grandfather isn’t even Chuck Norris! So good luck. Have fun, Max.”

Maxwell also released a statement stating his famous grandfather still doesn’t know about the reality show. “I have not told my grandpa that I will be on ‘Claim to Fame.’ I’ll let you know when he does one dup watching and share any reaction he may have to my brief appearance. Most kids don’t want to disappoint their grandparents, and no one wants to disappoint Chuck Norris!”

Maxwell is one of Chuck Norris’ 13 grandchildren. The actor has five children.

‘Claim to Fame’ Co-Hosts Talk About Chuck Norris’ Son & the Cheating Situation

According to Entertainment Weekly, “Claim to Fame” features 12 celebrity relatives who go against each other in a competition to discover who each other is related to. At the same time, they are keeping her own famous family member a secret. Each week, one player plays the role of the guesser. If they can’t identify another contestant’s famous connection successfully, they are sent home. The last contestant left standing will win $100,000. 

Following Maxwell’s exit from the show, “Claim to Fame” co-host Kevin Jonas spoke to USA Today about how he was informed about Chuck Norris’ grandson’s cheating during the guessing ceremony. He said the cheating threw everyone for a “curveball.”

“It definitely wasn’t staged,” Jonas explained. “This person actually smuggled another phone in. It’s like, did you not see the 98 cameras just in your room alone? I don’t understand it.”

Jonas admitted he was worried about the game being at risk due to the cheating. “I actually thought, ‘Oh God, it’s all over. We’re going home. There’s no more show. It’s over.’ But luckily, they had a plan.”

However, co-host Frankie thought the situation was actually good. “[I thought] Wait this is great TV. This is awesome.”