‘All in the Family’: Which Cast Members Are Still Alive Today?

by Joe Rutland

There are not many classic TV shows which can brag about the success All in the Family had during its run on CBS. Countless Emmy Awards for its cast and crew would put it among the biggest shows in history. Norman Lear brought the idea from a British TV show to America and made Archie Bunker a household name. The show’s cast included Carroll O’Connor, Jean Stapleton, Rob Reiner, and Sally Struthers in the main cast members. Which ones, though, are still alive?

For starters, we’ll mention Reiner and Struthers. Reiner played Michael Stivic to Struthers’ Gloria, his wife along with being Archie’s little girl. Reiner did have some acting appearances on shows like That Girl and The Beverly Hillbillies before joining this show. People see him and the cast make “the stew” out of each episode. Another generation meets the “Meathead,” a name that still hangs around with Reiner. But modern-day fans and followers know him as a talented movie director. Among his films are This Is Spinal Tap, A Few Good Men, and The Princess Bride. Oh, he does come from a show business family as his father was famed writer and producer Carl Reiner.

Sally Struthers Draws Attention of Norman Lear Before ‘All in the Family’ Premieres

Struthers was noticed by Lear upon an appearance the actress made on the variety show The Smothers Brothers Summer Show. The actress was a part of All in the Family for the show’s first few seasons. Struthers, though, sought to leave the show at one point. That didn’t work out and she returned for three more seasons after 1975. Then, Struthers did leave the show. Gloria hung around. Struthers did return for a spinoff titled just that with her in the lead role. The show did not stick on TV for too long. Still, her connection to this classic TV show did help her get other work down the road like in Gilmore Girls.

Both Reiner and Struthers would leave as their characters moved off to live in California. Actress Danielle Brisebois would come on board as Stephanie Mills. She would become a part of Archie’s life not only through the rest of All in the Family. Stephanie would also become a part of Archie Bunker’s Place as another spinoff. Yet people might be interested to know that she was part of the 1990s music group The New Radicals and their big hit You Get What You Give.

Other cast members who had recurring roles included Estelle Parsons, James Cromwell, and Liz Torres. They, too, are still alive while fans fondly remember O’Connor and Stapleton for their work on this classic TV show.