‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Check Out These Easter Eggs That Appear in ‘Matlock’

by Megan Molseed

Sure, Andy Griffith’s Ben Matlock spent a lot more time solving crimes than his other classic TV character Sherrif Andy Taylor ever did on The Andy Griffith Show. Even though Griffith’s Andy Taylor was a sheriff protecting the town of Mayberry and its citizens, there was little crime to be found in the sleepy southern town. However, Matlock on the other hand faces quite a few crimes – namely murders – during the show’s nearly decade-long run.

While the two shows have very different tones, there is something viewers love about the star, Andy Griffith. Whether he’s manning the Mayberry jail or catching a murderer on the stand in the courtroom, there’s an endless charm to Griffith and his beloved characters. So, when fans get a glimpse of Griffith’s original series in the form of some fun easter eggs while watching Matlock, it’s always a fun throw-back moment!

Where Did Matlock Showrunners Drop Some Fun Easter Eggs Taking Us Back To The Andy Griffith Show Days?

In the 1989 Matlock episode titled The Good Boy, Andy Griffith’s Ben Matlock investigates a murder case. This investigation leads the attorney to interview one of the victim’s former housekeepers. The story is extra sensational when we learn the victim’s family has accused this housekeeper of stealing during her eight years working in the home.

At some point in the episode, someone asks Matlock if he knows what a kleptomaniac is. To this question, Ben responds “Yeah. I used to know a fellow who pronounced that word ‘kleptomenorac.’”

Now, fans of The Andy Griffith Show know well that Andy Taylor’s faithful deputy, Don Knotts’s Barney Fife often mispronounces words. And, he used the word “kleptomenorac” specifically in the 1962 Andy Griffith episode Guest of Honor.

Andy and Barney Work on Their Martial-Arts Skills Years Later on Matlock

In the 1990 Matlock episode titled The Fighter, Ben and his neighbor, Don Knotts’s Les Calhoun discuss using karate as a form of self-defense. Les demonstrates some moves for Ben. These moves are hilariously practically the exact “judo” moves that Barney Fife showed Andy Taylor in Andy, the Marriage Counselor.

Ben Matlock Visits a Favorite Andy Griffith Show Fishing Spot

In 1993, Ben Matlock gifts his daughter Leanne MacIntyre with a new fly rod in an episode titled The Juror. When he gives his daughter the rod, he tells her that it is for when they go fishing on Myers Lake. This, fans of The Andy Griffith Show know well that Myers Lake is often.

Later, in a 1995 Matlock episode called The Heist, one character is singing in the shower. The song he is performing is none other than Santa Lucia. This, of course, is a reference to the song performed in The Andy Griffith Show during the episode The Song Festers. In this episode, The Andy Griffith Show’s Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) is asked to sing in a choir performance – instead of Barney Fife. This, fans know, leads to quite a few problems between the two Mayberry men.