What ‘Bewitched’ Star Erin Murphy Thinks About Possibility of a Reboot

by Caitlin Berard

In the fall of 1964, a brand new show called Bewitched aired for the first time. It followed the story of the Stephens, a typical suburban American family. Its members included Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), Darrin (Dick York/Dick Sargent), and eventually, their children, Tabitha (Erin Murphy) and Adam (David/Greg Lawrence).

The only catch? Samantha was no ordinary housewife, she was a witch who could cast any spell with the simple twitch of her nose. Though Darrin is fully aware of her magical heritage, he wanted his wife to become a normal, everyday woman, much to the dismay of her family.

The classic TV series was an instant hit, becoming the second most popular series in America in its first season. Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable yet off-kilter Stephens family. Bewitched was so popular, in fact, that it inspired a wide variety of spin-offs, crossovers, and remakes.

And though the series finale aired more than half a century ago, it remains a beloved piece of television history to this day. So much so that talks of a reboot are still extremely common.

Sadly, Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick Sargent have both passed away. Erin Murphy, however, is only 58 years old and could reprise her role as Tabitha.

As the original series already established that young Tabitha had supernatural powers, she would be the perfect centerpiece for a new edition of the show. But would Erin Murphy be open to doing it?

Would ‘Bewitched’ Star Erin Murphy Would Say Yes to a Reboot?

According to Bewitched star Erin Murphy, she would be open to a reboot. Under the right conditions, of course.

The actress was only 8 years old when the original series went off the air. Because of that, she says reboot ideas have followed her virtually her entire life. And while she would never say never, she also wouldn’t say yes to just anything.

“If they ever did a great script, and it had all the right people behind it, good casting director, all that, I would be open to the idea,” Murphy told Fox News. “There’s been a lot of talks, basically my entire life, about doing a Bewitched reboot. And I think if the script were ever great that it should be done.”

In a 2019 interview with Fox News, Erin Murphy gave more context to her decision not to do a Bewitched reboot to this point. “We’ve talked about it and, years ago, I was almost ready to do it,” she explained. “And then the script wasn’t quite right.”

“It’s hard because the show was so good,” the Bewitched star continued. “And a lot of times people do reboot just to kind of get out there and make a little extra money. But I feel like the show was good and it’s done.”

“I just wouldn’t want to do anything… less than it is,” she concluded.