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‘Bewitched’ Star Erin Murphy Revealed What Could Convince Her to Do a Reboot of the Classic Series

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

People still watch the classic TV show Bewitched starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Erin Murphy to this day. Would Murphy do a reboot? That’s a question Murphy, who played Tabitha, has heard for a long time. The little witch from the Stevens household is all grown up now. A couple of years ago, she was asked what she might do and what could convince her to do a reboot.

Erin Murphy of ‘Bewitched’ Says Right Script Might Make Her Think About Doing Show

“It’s hard because the show was so good and a lot of times people do reboots just to kind of get out there and make a little extra money,” Erin Murphy of Bewitched said in a 2019 interview with Fox News. “But I feel like the show was good and it’s done.” Seeing how Fuller House, a later show based on Full House, was put together gives Murphy some hope. Bring her the right script and she might just do it. “I just wouldn’t want to do anything … less than it is,” she says.

If you have never seen Bewitched with Erin Murphy in the cast, then let’s give you a little background. Montgomery played Samantha Stevens, a witch who happens to be married to a guy named Darrin Stevens. Dick York started playing Darrin but left during the show’s run. York suffered a back injury while making a film in 1959 and the pain was unbearable. It would lead York to become addicted to painkillers for much of his career, including time on the ABC sitcom.

He was driving a handcar down a railway in the movie. The director yelled cut and an extra reached up and grabbed the handlebar to stop York. When he did, York pushed down one more time. “The muscles along the right side of my back tore,” York said in a 1992 interview. “They just snapped and let loose. And that was the start of it all — the pain, the painkillers, the addiction, the lost career. I didn’t attend to the problem then. I continued to work through it.”

Actor Dick York Faints On Show’s Set, Leading To His Departure

In 1969, York fainted on the set of Bewitched. It would lead him to become hospitalized for a period of time. This would prompt a change in the show’s cast. Dick Sargent came on to play Darrin.

Another interesting part of the show would include having high-profile actors in funny roles. Agnes Moorehead played Endora, Samantha’s mother, and the pain of Darrin’s life. Maurice Evans would play Sam’s father Maurice on the show. Talking about Bewitched and Erin Murphy would not be really possible without mentioning the contributions of Paul Lynde. Lynde would famously play Uncle Arthur.