‘Bewitched’ Statue of Samantha Stephens From ’60s Sitcom Vandalized

by Megan Molseed

Witness reports note that a man vandalized a statue of Elizabeth Montgomery’s Bewitched character Samantha Stephens Monday evening. The man was caught spray-painting a bronze statue which depicts the starring character of the popular 1960s classic TV sitcom series. The statue, which is located in Salem, features Montogmery’s Samantha Stephens as she sits on a broomstick in front of a moon in the shape of a crescent.

“We smelled actually paint in the air,” notes one of the bystanders according to reports.

“My wife was the one that said, ‘what’s he doing?'” the bystander recalls.

“He was just standing here very nonchalantly with red paint, just painting the statue,” the eyewitness continues.

It’s Still Unclear What Motivated The Vandal To Spray Paint The Statue Red

Shortly after reports of the vandalism were made, officers were able to locate the suspect. Spotting a man fitting the description bystanders gave the police. However, apprehension would not be easy as the vandal took off, resulting in a chase before he was taken into custody.

The 32-year-old Salem resident faces several charges including defacing property, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct, reports say. However, it is still unclear what motivated the vandal to deface the statue.

Salem’s Mayor Kim Driscoll Reacts To The Shocking Vandalism In Between Council And School Committee Meetings

While Salem officers were getting to the bottom of the shocking act of vandalism done to the famous Bewitched statue, city officials were hard at work attending a variety of city-related meetings. In between the meetings, however, Salem’s mayor, Kim Driscoll reacted to the vandalism, posting a message on her Twitter page.

“In between meetings, was disappointed to hear the Bewitched Samantha statute downtown was vandalized,” notes Salem mayor Kim Driscoll. The mayor adds that she is grateful to the city law enforcement for quickly apprehending the vandal who defaced the Bewitched statue.

“I’m grateful to @SalemMAPolice for their quick work apprehending the individual responsible,” the mayor adds in the June 6 message. The mayor also notes that cleaning efforts will begin immediately.

Then, as Samantha Stephens would no doubt appreciate, the mayor added one little quip that honors the woman behind the statue. In her tweet, the mayor notes the city will restore the statue “as fast as a twitch of Samantha’s nose.”

This famous bronze statue commemorates the popular TV series, Bewitched which aired in the 1960s and 70s. Elizabeth Montgomery’s Samantha Stephens was the starring character. A witch who casts spells with just the twitch of her nose. Of course, things aren’t easy for Samantha or her husband Darrin. Darrin is a “mortal” and the differences between the two often create a comedy of errors. According to reports, the series filmed several episodes in the city of Salem.