‘Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Remembers ‘Happiness’ Filming the Show in Throwback Post

by Samantha Whidden

While sharing a throwback snapshot over the weekend, star of the classic TV show “The Brady Bunch” Christopher Knight recalled the feeling he felt while filming. 

“Happiness on set,” Christopher Knight declared in the post, which featured him and fellow “Brady Bunch” star Mike Lookinland. 

Fans of Christopher Knight gushed about the snapshot and declared that a “Brady Bunch” reunion needs to happen again. “Time for a reunion,” one fan shared. They also offered some discussion ideas. “How are the kids coping without parents and mamboing grandparents and more??”

“I think I wrote dozens of letters to you “Christopher Knight,” a fellow fan shared. “I have seen every episode since I was a little girl. To this day [and] onward, I will never grow tired of them,” another admirer added.

Christopher Knight Says He & His ‘Brady Bunch’ Co-Stars Are Like Family

While discussing his relationship with fellow “Brady Bunch” co-stars, Christopher Knight told PEOPLE the former castmates are like family to him. 

“It didn’t feel like work,” Christopher Knight said about working with five of his former “Brady Bunch” castmates “People Present: Blending Christmas” movie. “I say yes to projects that we’re all in not just because of the project, but because it’s an opportunity to catch up and have fun again. Every time we get together, it’s like no time has passed.”

Christopher Knight also says that he and the “Brady Bunch” co-stars are like family who live in different states and get together around the holidays. He then spoke about working on the project during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I was shocked that we were actually going to work,” Christopher Knight also admitted. “Because that wasn’t something that had been done by me through that entire first year of the pandemic. I hadn’t traveled anywhere. So this was me removing the envelope if you will, and what a perfect group to do it.”

Knight worked alongside his former “Brady Bunch” castmates Barry Williams (Greg), Mike Lookinland (Bobby), Susan Olsen (Cindy), and Robbie Rist (Oliver) on the Lifetime Christmas film. 

“The movie tells the story of these families learning to get along, which is something that seems like, in every Brady episode, we had to be reminded of,” Knight further continued. “In the same way that Christmas is evergreen, the Bradys are evergreen. They’re like a comfortable old pair of sweats.”

Knight went on to add that “The Brady Bunch” was one of the greatest honors of his life. “The show was entertainment, but it actually transcended its initial purpose. It’s become an icon of sorts, a touchstone, a representative of what maybe the quintessential American family ought to be.”