Carol Burnett Lands New Role on Apple TV Comedy Series

by Samantha Whidden

Big news, Carol Burnett fans! The classic TV actress is reportedly teaming up with Kristen Wiig and Ricky Martin for the upcoming Apple TV comedy series “Mrs. American Pie.”

Deadline reports that Carol Burnett, as well as Wiig and Martin, will star on the show with Josh Lucas, Allison Janney, and Leslie Bibb. “Mrs. American Pie” is written by Abe Sylvia and developed by Laura Dean as well as Jayme Lemons. It is about “gorgeously impossible” people. It is set in the early 1970s and follows Wiig’s character Maxine Simmons as she attempts to secure a seat at the Palm Beach high society table. 

Meanwhile, Carol Burnett is cast as Norma, who is described as the grande dame of Palm Beach high society. She is also the keeper of secrets with more than a few of her own. There is currently no information about when the show will premiere. However, Apple Studios Is producing the series.

The actress started her career in the 1950s. Burnett is best known for her hit self-titled series, which ran for 11 seasons from 1967 to 1978. She also made appearances in other film and TV projects, such as “Annie,” “Mad About You,” “Scooby-Doo,” and “Guess Who?” 

She has won various awards, including Tony, Emmy, Grammy, and Golden Globes. 

Carol Burnett Reveals Who She Refuses to Work With 

During her April 1979 appearance on The Dick Cavett Show, Carol Burnett revealed who she actually refuses to work with. “You ain’t gonna get me into specifics about mentioning any particular person. But there are types [of people] I will not work with.”

Carol Burnett then declares that if she finds out that someone is one of those types of people, she won’t work with them. “Someone who is totally unprofessional. By that I mean, temperamental. Who runs in slamming the door screaming. Who is late [and] who has no feeling for the other performers.”

Carol Burnett goes on to say that she won’t work with those who feel what they’re doing is the most important “thing” in the world. “And all it is is show business and it’s a hoot to be in show business. And too many people take it seriously. I used to and it’s not worth it. It is fun. And it is let’s pretend And sometimes we lose the feeling of that. We don’t make it as much fun as it is.”

The actress goes on to describe show business as being fake and phony. “We start pretending when we’re kids playing dolls, going out and pretending. It’s child’s play. And I guess because all the big monkey mucks and the suits have all the money. Then it becomes very serious.”