‘Charlie’s Angels’ Actress Cheryl Ladd Remembers Late Costar Tanya Roberts: ‘She Was Outrageous and Lovable’

by Joe Rutland

Through the 1970s into the ’80s, Charlie’s Angels was one of the most popular TV shows on ABC and it joined the classic TV world, too. Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, Shelley Hack, Cheryl Ladd, and Tanya Roberts were on there. Of course, there were only three Angels at one time. So, in 1980, Roberts replaced Hack and became Julie. Sadly, she died in 2021 and Ladd fondly remembers her late costar.

“It was a real shock,” Ladd, 70, recently told Closer Weekly. “Tanya’s hard to describe, but she was a lot of fun. She spoke like a truck driver. She just made Jaclyn and I laugh so hard. (And) she was outrageous and lovable.” Roberts also had a few memorable turns in the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill. The actress had a role on the FOX sitcom That ’70s Show. Roberts died at age 65 from issues involving a urinary tract infection, Fox News reports.

Cheryl Ladd of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Still Keeps Up With Jaclyn Smith

For those who might wonder if Ladd stays in touch with Smith, the actress said that she does. “Jaclyn Smith and I talk all the time,” Ladd said. “She’s a doll. Just a great girl and so fun. You know, for as elegant as she is, she’s also kooky and a goofball. We’d love to find the right project to work together on. A movie about two old friends and all the ups and downs of that relationship – how you can help each other out in good times and bad.”

Fawcett was the show’s first breakout star and was boosted by a memorable wall poster from the 1970s. She was the first star from Charlie’s Angels to leave, although not the last. As we mentioned, Hack departed. Ladd would come on when Fawcett left. Jackson left after the show’s third season. Charlie’s Angels also starred David Doyle as Bosley and John Forsythe as the voice of Charlie.

No, Charlie was never seen in person on the show. Viewers only heard his voice. Do you want to know a little inside story? OK. Forsythe was not the first choice to voice Charlie. That job would go to actor Gig Young, but he could not fulfill the job’s duties. See, Young had a drinking problem and summarily was fired by producer Aaron Spelling. Forsythe reportedly came in at the last minute as a favor to Spelling. He would record his lines in an audio studio. That’s how Charlie was appearing in the ABC drama. The show can be seen today on GetTV and other cable and streaming platforms. Some people might consider it a bit dated. Others will find it a sweet journey back in time.