‘Cheers’ Star Kelsey Grammer Bows Out of New Thriller Movie ‘No Way Up’

by Megan Molseed

Kelsey Grammer former Frasier star has bowed out of his role in the upcoming thriller film No Way Up. Kelsey Grammer first became a household name starring as Frasier Crane in the popular classic television sitcom series Cheers. He later continued to portray the charmingly pedantic and neurotic psychiatrist in the Cheers spin-off series, Frasier.

Recently, it was announced that Grammer was slated to star in the upcoming thriller film No Way Up. However, a recent first look at the upcoming film notes that the star is no longer tied to the project.

According to a recent Deadline report, early production has now wrapped up in the survival flick No Way Up.

The upcoming project follows a group of airline passengers and crew members who find themselves in a precarious position after a plane crash on the Pacific Ocean. When the airliner crashes, it lands dangerously close to the edge of a deep ravine. The survivors of the crash are trapped inside an air pocket. However, the air is quickly running out.

Additionally, the passengers and the crew soon realize that they are facing even more dangers surrounding them. Dangers which are seemingly lurking at every angle.

Suddenly, running out of oxygen isn’t the group’s only concern while fighting to survive after the terrifying crash. As with many action-packed thriller films such as this one, an intense battle to survive soon begins, with many of the characters fighting for their lives.

Colm Meaney Replaces Cheers Alum Kelsey Grammer In No Way Out

Originally, Kelsey Grammer was set to portray a role in the upcoming survival thriller flick. However, the longtime actor stepped away from the project citing scheduling conflicts. Stepping into the cast to replace the Cheers star is former Gangs of London player, Colm Meaney.

The longtime Irish actor will still be starring alongside some big names in the new film. Downton Abbey alum and BAFTA Award winner Phyllis Logan has a role in the upcoming movie; as does James Carroll Jordan from Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Brave New World’s Sophie McIntosh, and Dunkirk’s Will Attenborough.

Also joining Colm Meaney to round out the cast of No Way Up is Zero Chill star Jeremias Amoore; Terminator: Dark Fate star Manuel Pacific; and Grace Nettle from War of the Worlds.

“I couldn’t be happier with how the shoot has gone,” notes Annalise Davis, one of the producers of the film written by Andy Mayson.

“Working with Andy Mayson’s roller coaster ride of a script, and Claudio Fäh’s sure-footed and inspirational direction, we have put together a top-quality cast and team,” Davis says. Davis adds that the No Way Up team has also “delivered a suspenseful survival thriller with a diverse set of exciting and inspirational characters.”