‘Cheers’: The Real-Life Boston Bar Used in the Series

by Joe Rutland

If you don’t know much about the classic TV show Cheers, then you might simply remember that the series was set in Boston. Of course, it’s also known as the place where everybody knows your name. Sam, Diane, Norm, Cliff, Woody, and the rest of the gang all gather around the bar and chat it up. TV shows, for the most part, get filmed on soundstages in Los Angeles. So, where is the real-life bar located?

In Boston. According to an article from Forbes, the bar originally was called The Bull & Finch Pub. Yes, hard to believe but there’s still more Cheers influence to be had here. That bar was renamed “Cheers” years after the show left NBC yet remained popular in reruns. It is located on Beacon Hill in Boston. While the OG bar was founded in 1969, that sign now says 1895 on it. After all, that coincides with the info from the show itself.

Norm Peterson on ‘Cheers’ Keeps The Laughs Coming With Numerous Quips

What was it about Norm Peterson that everyone just loved? Apparently, one thing that makes the George Wendt character so much fun is the way he enters the bar. How many different quips did he offer Woody, played by Woody Harrelson, or Coach, played by Nicholas Colasanto? A lot of them. Just go ahead and sit back while Norm comes back into his home away from home.

Wendt is still a household name for his time on Cheers. But, like other actors, he had a career before show business. Did you know that the future Mr. Peterson worked in newspapers? He talked about that time of his life in an interview. “When I was home from school the summer of 1966, I needed a job,” Wendt says. “So my mom made a few calls and I got hired at the Chicago Daily News.”

One of his first jobs was in the wire room, a place where stories would come across different wire services. People in there would “strip off” stories and attach them to clipboards for writers and editors to see. “It was an eventful summer with Martin Luther King Jr. here, the Cicero march, the Richard Speck murders,” Wendt said.

Actress Rhea Perlman Pinpoints Her Own Success To NBC Sitcom

Rhea Perlman, who played Carla, says she can pinpoint her success right to Cheers. The actress offers up some words about her time on the NBC sitcom. “It was huge,” Perlman says in an interview with People. “And I wouldn’t have had any of the career that I — well, who knows what I would’ve had? Nobody knows what doesn’t happen. But it was the best job in the world.”