‘Dallas’: New Owner of Iconic Ranch From Show Reveals Exciting Plans for the Property

by Craig Garrett

The Ewing Mansion from the classic tv series Dallas is under new management, and the new boss is open to booking private events. The Ewing mansion is actually called the Southfork Ranch. It’s located in Parker, Texas. Refined Hospitality Concepts (RHC) of Dallas has taken over the management of the ranch grounds. They will be in charge of all private events. This includes catering and daily tours through the ranch grounds throughout the year.

The switchover occurred July 1, according to a news release. Dallas was a cultural phenomenon during the 1980s. Southfork Ranch was a key filming location for the series. It starred Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray. The series originally aired in the United States from 1978 to 1991. It made a cultural icon out of Larry Hagman’s Jr Ewing. However, it is still broadcast in syndication. It is played in first-run status in many countries throughout the world.

The Dallas Legacy stretches across several decades

Dallas has one of the top-rated episodes of television history. Fans were dying to see the resolution to a wild cliffhanger. The story involved series favorite JR, played by Larry Hagman. The conclusion to the famous “Who shot JR” storyline. 83 million people watched the episode. It was the highest-rated episode of any series until the M*A*S*H series finale in 1983. In 1995 and 1997, Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, and Patrick Duffy reprised their Dallas original roles. They filmed two reunion movies at Southfork. The first reunion film was JR Returns, released in 1996. A sequel, The War of the Ewings premiered in 1998.

Dallas again visited Southfork Ranch in 2012. TNT’s reboot of the program, featured both original cast members and new performers returning. The program aired for three successful seasons.

The ranch’s original owner, his family, and other members of the cast and crew were still living there while filming began. Requests for personal gatherings began flooding in. The owners decided to build tents and a pavilion to accommodate tourism.

Big plans for the Dallas property going forward

The Southfork enjoyed years of development as a tourist attraction. The owner opened the doors of the Ewing Mansion to visitors in 1985. They also began expanding the ranch into an event facility. The city council approved the construction of a 63,000-square-foot conference and event center in order to accommodate large gatherings. It also hosts corporate events.

Refined Hospitality Concepts presently runs the brands Primo’s MX, Bourbon & Banter, Scout, Overeasy, Waterproof, and Sfereco. RHC CEO Robert Hall made a statement about his enthusiasm for the former Ewing estate. “Fans of this legendary property have our full commitment to continue to carry the torch maintaining the history of this exceptional destination.”