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Danny Bonaduce’s Wife, Amy, Shares Hilarious ‘Partridge Family’ Meme Featuring Danny Partridge

by Joe Rutland
(Byron Cohen/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

While we all know that it is the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas also allows some fun with Danny Bonaduce and classic TV. Bonaduce, in case you don’t know, played the precocious Danny Partridge on the 1970s sitcom The Partridge Family. The show featured a family that would perform their musical act at different locations. It was pretty cool for the time in which it came out on ABC.

Yet Bonaduce has not had an easy road in life himself. Still, at this point, he’s able to laugh some at the antics of his own life. Well, his wife Amy Bonaduce keeps up with what’s going down on Twitter. As you can see, she’s sharing a meme that features her husband as a younger boy. We don’t know how Bonaduce found himself up in a tree while dressed out in Partridge Family garb. But he is and, well, you might get the drift from the meme itself.

Danny Bonaduce Of ‘The Partridge Family’ Finds Himself In The Land of Funny Memes

We’ve just passed the first day of Christmas so it’s a rather fitting meme, don’t you think? And Amy appears to take it all in with a laugh and a giggle. Where else will you see a Partridge in a pear tree? OK, so maybe Danny Partridge isn’t in a real pear tree. We think this is a good Photoshop act taking place here. Still, why mess up a good thing when you have it going? Those fans still love Bonaduce and his character all these years later. Probably, there is some TV channel out there showing reruns of The Partridge Family. Shirley Jones and David Cassidy starred in the sitcom, along with Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce, and Dave Madden.

As far as the meme goes, one fan wrote on Amy Bonaduce’s tweet, “But that vest!!” To which Amy wrote, “Iconic.” We could not agree more. That vest looks like something straight out of central casting circa 1972. Imagine seeing one of your favorite musical acts thinking about dressing up like a Partridge. With the looks that are coming back into vogue, it’s a possibility. For his part, Bonaduce has spent time as a disc jockey in his life. But let’s also take a look at how much Bonaduce earned for his iconic TV role. He’s not happy about it, we can tell you. Bonaduce said one time that he made $400 an episode. Put that into today’s dollars and you have about $2,800. This TV show ran for four years and 96 episodes. You would think that he would want some more money than that to line his pockets.