‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Star John Schneider’s Ex-Wife Wins Huge Court Case Against Him: Report

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly a decade after their divorce, John Schneider’s ex-wife Elly Castle has reportedly won a huge court case against the Dukes of Hazzard star. 

According to Radar, John Schneider’s residuals were sized by Castle due to over $1.8 million being owed in back support. Schneider was ordered to pay Castle $18,911 a month in spousal support. The amount was based on the Dukes of Hazzard star’s $40,000 per month income. However, since the divorce, the classic TV actor and singer created a production company.

However, in 2018, things got ugly between the former spouses when Castle took John Schneider back to court for allegedly owing her $150,000 in back support. “I’m sorry, embarrassed, and humiliated to be in this financial situation,” Schneider stated at the time. At the time, judge sentenced the actor to three days in jail. But the Dukes of Hazzard star only ended up serving three hours. 

Two years later, Castle sought legal help once again. She claimed John Schneider owned $832,000 in spousal support with the interest of $181,000. This ended up being more than $1.1 million. She also said that instead of $40,000, Schneider is now making $172,000 per month through his production company. From 2016 through September 2022, Schneider owes $1.4 million and with interest, it’s now $1.8 million. 

Castle further stated that John Schneider is a professional actor and country singer that receives payments and residuals from 30 different entities he has. He also continues to receive residuals for past services as an actor. Which are paid through third parties.

John Schneider’s ex-wife also had her lawyers send a subpoena for SAG/AFTRA. This was to reveal how much her ex-husband receives per month. She is now seizing his residuals from CBS Entertainment, CBS Television, and Walt Disney Pictures.

During an interview with The Country Daily in 2018, Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider discussed the legal woes he was having with his at-the-time estranged wife, Elly Castle. 

“I can’t not do what I feel is the right thing,” John Schneider explained. ‘So when something screams of injustice – and it’s usually about other people – then I can’t not do something about it. Lately, I do honestly feel there’s been a tremendous amount of injustice done to me, and I also can’t not do something about it.”

John Schneider also said that his ex will not work. “She feels like she’s entitled to it,” he declared. “And she doesn’t work and she hasn’t worked since we got married. And there is a group, I guess, out there that says, ‘Well, she gave up a career to become a housewife.’ Well, no, we had nannies.”

Despite the bad blood, John Schneider said he didn’t wish Castle to hurt like he hurt at the time. “But the laws of nature dictate that she’s going to, and it’s gonna hurt her bad.”