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Fran Drescher Has An Incredible Idea For ‘The Nanny’ Reboot

by Joe Rutland
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The Nanny is nearly 30 years old and appears to be ready for a possible reboot under the eye of Fran Drescher. She, of course, is known for playing Fran Fine on the CBS sitcom. Charles Shaughnessy played widower Maxwell Sheffield on the show. The show ran for six seasons and might be all ready for a return on the TV screen. If you are looking to watch the show these days, then you can find it on COZI TV and Pluto TV.

Drescher, who is an Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress, talked about bringing The Nanny back to the small screen. She did so in an interview with TV Insider. It also should be noted that Drescher is the SAG-AFTRA president.

Fran Drescher Says ‘The Nanny’ Will Turn 30 Years Old In November

“It’s funny because in November we’ll be celebrating our 30th anniversary,” Drescher said. “It will be 30 years since The Nanny started as crazy as that sounds. So we are talking to the president of Sony, our parent company, about what we can do that is special in celebration. That’s not a reboot, but you never know. It could be a backdoor pilot.

“There are a lot of different ways The Nanny could go whether it’s the same concept with a whole new cast set in the 2020s,” she said. “Whether it’s the original cast that includes the twins and of course all the cast. Or maybe a spinoff with one of the characters. I think that one of the strongest ways it goes would be with myself and Charles Shaughnessy as Fran and Mr. Sheffield. Then it would be about figuring out who is Fran in the 2020s. What is she about?”

Drescher Talked About Different Guest Stars On The Show

Fran Drescher also mentioned some of the guest stars that appeared on The Nanny over the years. People like Dan Aykroyd, Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John, Bette Midler, and Rosie O’Donnell. Drescher compared their appearances to ones that stars made on I Love Lucy, where they pretty much just played themselves.

She also finds herself revisiting old episodes when watching The Nanny from the comfort of her very own bed. “Some episodes to me I’m not as familiar with some, which is funny,” Drescher said. “I watch it almost with fresh eyes.”

When it’s noted that the world is different today than the one faced by Fran on the show, Drescher admitted that it was so. But she has some ideas on how the show might work. “Who is Fran today? What is she doing to satisfy her needs and creativity?” she said. “Her politics, fashion sense, love for her children and parents, and husband. That would be explored in a new season.”