‘Frasier’: Here’s Why Kelsey Grammer Initially Objected To Daphne’s Character

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Initially on the classic TV show “Frasier,” Kelsey Grammer was opposed to the Daphne Moon character, which would eventually go to Jane Leeves. Anyone who has spent any time watching the show knows Daphne; that voice, the claims of being psychic, all the stories from back home in Manchester. But, according to co-creator Peter Casey, who wrote of the experience online, Grammer was already reluctant to return to the Frasier Crane character, and even more reluctant to read with Jane Leeves.

Casey–who, along with David Lee, wants nothing to do with the reboot–wrote that initially the character was Latina, and Rosie Perez was in the line-up to play Daphne. But, the network wanted Jane Leeves, who is British, so the character was changed to an Englishwoman. Grammer resisted these changes, though; the reason he didn’t want the character to be British, was that he didn’t want the show to resemble “Nanny and the Professor,” a sitcom from the 1970s which featured a British nanny and housekeeper.

Grammer asked the creators of the show–David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee–to wait outside of the room while he read the script with Leeves. “He went in, closed the door, and we were left in the outer office sweating,” Casey recalled. Apparently, it didn’t take Grammer any time at all to decide he liked Jane Leeves for the part; he stormed out of the room and said only, “She’s in.”

Kelsey Grammer has also confirmed previously that his trepidation disappeared as soon as he read with Leeves. The two created a delightful dynamic together; Daphne would constantly put Frasier in his place, keeping his ego from getting too big.

Kelsey Grammer Initially Didn’t Like Daphne, and No One Liked the Dog

Strangely enough, Eddie the dog, who everyone–besides Frasier–was supposed to like, had a bit of a reputation. According to the cast of the “Cheers” spin-off, no one really liked the dog who played Eddie, whose real name was Moose. Apparently, he wasn’t the easiest co-star to get along with.

Jane Leeves once described him as a “complicated little fellow.” What’s more, he would go “completely nuts” in the presence of his son, Enzo, who replaced him as Eddie after a few years. “Moose and Enzo hated each other,” recalled co-creator Peter Casey. “They couldn’t be on set together. Apparently, it was one of those classic parent-child Hollywood rivalries.”

John Mahoney, who played Frasier’s father Martin Crane, didn’t even like Moose. Mahoney once refused to do a scene with the dog, claiming, “The son of a b—h always bites me!” Mahoney once said of the dog, “I never thought of Eddie as a dog. I thought of him more as an actor.” Moose’s co-stars rarely approached him, and he probably liked it that way.