‘Frasier’ Reboot Hits Major Snag, According to Original Series Stars

by Taylor Cunningham

There is a mysterious Frasier reboot in the works. But the project has been loaded with rumors of trouble and roadblocks that make fans concerned it will never make it to TV. And a recent snag involving two original stars seems to be particularly worrisome.

According to comments made by Bebe Neuwirth (Dr. Lilith Sternin) and David Hyde Pierce (Niles Crane), they likely will not be a part of the series, and they’ve heard very little about the actual progress that Kelsey Grammer has made.

While chatting with Variety about their new HBO Max series Julia, the actors got on the topic of their classic TV hit and shared that neither of them was asked to be a part of the revival. Of course, that’s a bit strange, considering the stars played major characters in the original story, especially Pierce.

Neuwirth admitted that she didn’t even know about the revival. And Peirce shared that though he’s aware that Grammer has something in the works, he’s completely out of the loop.

“Yeah, that’s the thing. That’s an abstract question,” Pierce said when asked if he’d reprise Niles Crane. “Kelsey’s spearheading that. And I don’t know where it is in its development and what form it will take. So it’s an impossible question to ask, no matter how many people want to know the answer.”

However, both actors made it clear that Kelsey Grammer has their complete support in his endeavor. And there are no hard feelings about being left out of the process.

“I think that it should go without saying. I’m very supportive of it happening,” Neuwirth added. ” I hope they continue in the excellence that they started with. I trust that they will.”

Here’s What We Know About the ‘Fraiser’ Reboot

Obviously, Fraiser without Niles and Lilith sounds wrong. But plenty of revivals have made it back to the screen without all of their pivotal characters, so the news doesn’t mean the project is completely doomed. Also, there is always a chance that the series and the stars will end up working out a deal that brings them back into the story.

But when it comes to what is going on behind the scenes, we don’t know a lot. However, Kelsey Grammer did give a little teaser about the plot.

As he shared, the series will follow Frasier’s new life in Chicago, where he moved in the original finale. And the general theme will remain largely the same at the start.

“The first principle is that it is a different story, basically. The same group of characters, but in a different setting. Something has changed in their lives… [Frasier]’s past the radio show,” he said, per Screen Rant.

But whatever changes will lead Frasier onto a new different path.

“He wants to go see the world and something happens… that pulls him back and he has to live a completely different life than the way he planned,” he told Fox News. “But as a result, he ends up with love and emotional riches, and just a life that is so extraordinary. And I think that’s Frasier’s story.”